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Freelance Skipper

Freelance Skipper and Marine Engineer Lee Porter, will fly anywhere in the world to move your boat, or assist with engine problems…its a contact you would do well to store somewhere.
+44 (0)7565247760

8 Wire design and media

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Eight Wire is a design and marketing agency based in the UK. Offering high quality graphic design, copy writing and marketing solutions to help companies promote themselves in print, the web and other media.

Boat Insurance

To rent your boat with Static Boat Holidays you will need to have the appropriate insurance cover. Private and Pleasure Use and Bare Boat Charter, Curtis Marine Insurance 01752 485090 can assist you with this form of insurance.

Sailmakers/Riggers/Cockpit Tents

I had sails made by this company, and they have stood up well to a circumnavigation of the British Isles, and they increased my sailing speed by a knot, so I would recommend them.

Sail Shape Ltd is a manufacturing company designing, making and repairing sails, covers and awnings. Supplier of running and standing rigging , if you require a quote please do not hesitate to contact us either at or by phone Mobile: 07972308922 (Working hours and emergency contact after 5pm) Work: 01726 833731 (8am – 5pm week days) Fax: 01726 833731.

Need your narrow boat moved?

Retired boat owner offers to move your boat with the greatest care. By water only, RYA qualifications and references from satisfied owners available.
Please send full details of vessel and locations to: or text 07812183340 for a competitive quote. Please advise if you can supply any crew member, with or without experience.