Studland Bay to the Bankes Arms, Sailing Round Britain 2014

Date posted: 14 April 2014

Sunday the 13th of April, Day 6 a trip to the Bankes Arms!

A rather slow start this morning, although we were all up by eight, some of us were more ‘up’ than others. A previous evening of alcohol and card games tends to create a more leisurely start to the day.

We didn’t sail anywhere today, we remained on anchor on the outshirts of Studland Bay, along with dozens of other boats. Although we did reposition Kantara closer to the shore, so close that we dried out, we were happy with this arrangement as we didn’t damage any sea grass. There has been a campaigne to make Studland Bay a marine conservation area, a non anchoring area, to protect the sea grass and sea horses. It hasn’t happened yet, but as boat owners we were aware of this issue, thanks to an article in the Practical Boat Owner.

Three men in a boat

Three men and a bike in a tender casting away

Sean helped Robin and Dan take their bikes ashore, one at a time in the tender, this was a first for us. Three men and their bike, as opposed to three men and their boat.  One bike at a time, the bikes were left secured in eye site on the beach for use later.

Sean tried to repair the traveler  whilst the rest of us, sat about in the glorious sunny weather, chatting and recovering. Robin and Jenny both showed off their hula hooping skills on the bow of the boat, a bit trickier than usual with the three  bikes on the bow! Before they were moved.


Hula hooping, Kantara

Robin hula hooping on the bow of Kantara…one way to shake a hangover!

The traveler proved a problem, the end of the traveler, the bit where the pulleys go through, wouldn’t come  off because the screws have seized, so Sean couldn’t slide the traveler along to remove it to change the damaged nylon bearings.

After egg mayonnaise rolls, a family favourite all all headed into shore, carrying the bikes off the beach we made our way to the Bankes Arms, a well known local pub. We enjoyed a final half our with Robin, before they all headed off to join friends in Swanage.

Bankes Arms PH

We returned to the boat about four and didn’t have long to wait for the tide to float us! We then re anchored right out on the outskirts to the bay, the sea state is still very calm.

Wildlife spotted today:  Black backed gulls, Jackdaw

Head Fast Point, Studland Bay

Head Fast Point

, Black Back gull, Skylarks, Herring gull, and a rabbit, thankful not on the boat, or in the Bankes Arms!




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