Dartmouth to Hopes Nose, Sailing around Britain

Date posted: 10 April 2014

10th April, Sailing Round Britain Day 3, Dartmouth to Hope’s Nose, Devon     (a well known fishing location), via Brixham for lunch and Torquay for afternoon tea,

I’m not sure whether I should count myself extremely lucky that at this time of year the weather is beautiful, or be entitled to say…where is the wind! We have hit a high, which as you will know means little or no wind. The barometer is showing 1020mb.

Sailors are never happy, I was out on helm for my hourly watch and absolutely freezing, the sun may be out, but there is no warmth in it yet.

Dartmouth Castle

Dartmouth Castle


We travelled 21.7 nm, all under engine, not a bit of the white stuff to be seen, I almost asked to put the rag up, just so that I could write that we had sailed part of the way! We have completed 66.4 nm so far; it won’t have escaped your notice that we have shot along this part of the coast, we will slow down once past the Isle of Wight as these waters and ports become new to us.

Dartmouth Castle

Dartmouth Castle

Brixham looking across harbour

Brixham looking across harbour



We are at anchor this evening on the other side of the headland to Torquay, just round from Hope’s Nose. It is so tranquil with not a ripple on the water, all I can ask as we glide across Lyme Bay tomorrow is that there is a little more wind; the thought of nine hours on the engine is not a happy one, but I guess we are bound to encounter little or no wind on occasions as we are sailing round Britain.

Wildlife observed today. Oyster Catchers, Cormorants, Gannets, Black backed Gull, Herring Gull.

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Coincidently Hopes Nose Bay is renown for its fishing, as we are sat at anchor there are about a dozen fishermen

all pulling in fish, I googled the location and there is loads of information about various fishing competitions held here.

A brilliant anchorage, just between Hope Nose  and Anstey's Cove, Devon

A brilliant anchorage, just between Hope Nose and Anstey’s Cove, Devon




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