Sailing around Britain – Weymouth to Poole, day 5

Date posted: 13 April 2014

We are only on day five of our trip Sailing around Britain, today we are heading from Weymouth to Poole.  We were up early to make the most of the tidal streams and to avoid Lulworth gunnery range even though it’s Saturday, we then rang the number suggested in the almanac , we were informed that firing commenced at 9.30am.

As it happened we left Weymouth on a bearing of 90′ and headed around  St Alben’s Head just after 9.30am. Sean hasn’t been feeling all that wonderful for a few days, so just before we left he went off in search of some paracetomal and caffeine, so coupled with his early morning coffees, he was wired! I stood watch for the first couple of hours whilst he ‘busied himself’, talk about action man, the boat hasn’t looked so clean or tidy all week.

As we went round St Alben’s Head and the caves at the Tilly Whim landing, Sean read  out to explain where the name had come from, apparently George Till was a quarry owner who had a gantry from these caves, enabling him to load stone directly onto boats, but he wasn’t opposed to uploading contraband either.

Tilly Whim Caves

Tilly Whim Caves, where smugglers uploaded contraband

Well the weather forecastes were wrong, the water crossing Lulworth Bay was calm not a ripple to be seen, so yet again the engine was put into action. When we entering Poole Harbour, the wind picked up to a 4/5 just as I was coming alongside the harbour wall to wait the arrival of our son and friends.

I have to say the scenery today was amazing, the chalk columns of Headfast Point are pretty spectacular. We even saw a para-glider.

Well we collected our ‘passengers’ securing their bikes onto the pulpit. We then set off for a sail, we could only use the foresail, but I wasn’t complaining. So we headed off very slowly out of Poole harbour as the tide was coming in. We ended up anchored off Studland Bay, where we were sheltered from the N/W winds, great anchorage on a sandy bottom. There were a number of other boats anchored around us, which always gives us ‘non locals’ confidence.

Hula hooping, Kantara

Robin hula hooping on the bow of Kantara…one way to shake a hangover!

Old Harry was identified to me by the locals! We had rather a lively evening with our son Robin, and his friends, Jenny and Dan, too much alcohol, and some very amusing rounds of cards. Good to have their company.

Head Fast Point, Studland Bay

Head Fast Point

Wild life spotted: colony of Guilimots, Shag, and the usual suspects….I’m a little fragile this morning, forgive me for being a lazy!

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