Scarbourgh to Hartlepool Sailing around Britain 2014

Date posted: 31 May 2014

Day 29, 31st May, Scarborough to Hartlepool 39 nm. The wind is forecast for 2/3 knots dropping to 1 / 2 knots. We left at 8.30am the sea state is wavelets, we started with our SOG at 5.1, which has gradually dropped to 1.7, and now the foresail as started flapping, so I’ve wound the fore sail in and Sean has just put the engine on, Hey Ho.

Scarborough's visitors pontoon

Scarborough’s visitors pontoon

We are now officially in North Yorkshire, why is it that when I start a conversation with anyone local, I automatically start talking with a northern accent, Sean said I adopt an Indian accent in India, but apparently I even add the nodding head!

The scenery has changed again and we have cliffs, when we left Scarborough and passed underneath the castle perched on top of the cliff, the side of the cliff was alive with Sea gull activity.

Cliff damage, Whitby

This picture shows some of the cliff damage new Whitby

There was a magnificent bloom of jelly fish today, they were everywhere.

jelly fish

Bloom of Moon jelly fish in Peterhead marina

The day is progressing, we now have oily calm seas, the engine is pounding away, and it’s a bit monotonous. We have passed Whitby which was in fog, but it cleared slightly for us as we passed the river Tee. In the Almanac, there is a one line entry about a developing wind farm a mile off shore.  It’s not developing its up and in action, this could be quite a hazard for sailors in heavy fog. Martin on Tui who is still motoring alongside us, called us up on the radio to ask if we knew anything of the wind farm, he has brand new charts and a new chart plotter, neither of which gave him any details. Martin called up Tee port control to ask for coordinates and suggested heading into Hartlepool, which he then re-laid to us.It wasn’t quite as bad as we imaged, once we cleared the wind farm we could clearly see Hartlepool, the mist lifted and the entrance became visible. Again we had to negotiate a mine field of lobster pots, they really are a nuisance. We also observed that standing off the wind farm were ten tankers, it must be like Falmouth Bay and cheap to keep the boats there.

Martin on Tui motor sailing with us today

Martin on Tui motor sailing with us today



Yet again another  lock, so once more we put fenders out all around, ropes hanging off all the cleats, but this time though, it was a rising pontoon system, so we needn’t have worried.  Sean helped Martin as he is solo sailing, once we were through the lock, I reversed onto a fuel  pontoon and we refilled. The boat is using 2.5 litres an hour, so our beta engine is very economical.

Sean helping Martin with Tui in the lock

Sean helping Martin with Tui in the lock

We are only here for one night, the chaps have shot off to Asda and I’m catching up on some Static Boat Holiday enquiries. Martin has offered to cook this evening, I think we will have another  night of Al Fresco dining.

Tomorrow the weather forecast is S/SE 3 to 4 increasing 5, sea state slight, now if that doesn’t change we could be in for a really good sail up to Blythe. But I’m jumping ahead of myself, I’ve just used the showers, which are a close second to Chichester Marina, so very nice, so now I’m going to sit on deck and enjoy Hartlepool Marina

Hartlepool Marina

Hartlepool Marina



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