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Date posted: 6 May 2014

Tuesday 6th May, saw us watching two yachts leaving Ramsgate harbour 90 minutes earlier than they both suggested they were going to the previous evening, we mulled this over for all of two minutes and followed suit. If the local boats were leaving early there had to be a good reason.

Following a bank holiday weekend in Ramsgate there weren’t many boats left in the visitors section of the harbour, which was just as well, because it was extremely windy coming off the pontoon. Although I managed the maneuver I wouldn’t have wanted an audience. As we were leaving the port Sean called up for clearance to be informed ‘it should be alright just use your top speed’. As we came round the first harbour wall we saw a largish boat bearing down on us, just as well we had decided to turn immediately left and follow the inshore route to North Foreland!

Ramsgate harbour, North Foreland

Sharp left as we left Ramsgate harbour, took us straight to North Foreland


The sands encountered today were called the Broadstairs to the west of the Goodwin Sands and south of the Elbow. For the first time we fired up Software on board, a package we bought a few years ago. I plotted a course, which involved staying close to the shore up to Foreness Point, and then cutting into the South Channel, Gore Channel, into Copperace Channel, where we encountered two newly positioned buoys, from here we moved into the Four Fathems Channel which led us to the buoyed entrance to Sheerness and onto Queenborough.

wreck, Medway Channel

Oops someone didn’t get it right, this wreck was avoided off the Medway Channel

We left a couple of hours before low water, which meant that we could sail all be it slowly 2.8 – 3.5 knots up to Foreness Point, the wind was on our port stern , so although the sea was choppy it didn’t affect us as we were with the tide and wind. Sadly this changed once we were round the point we then had the wind almost on our nose and tide against us. So quite an uncomfortable journey, just as well we have gimbals on the cooker, we were certainly keeling well today.

We saw two massive wind farms today off the Kent Coast

We saw two massive wind farms today off the Kent Coast

Today was quite a challenge making sure we got to the point in time for the tide to carry us on, navigating over the sands, missing the wrecks (some more obvious than others)  and seeing our first wind farms, and lastly picking up the buoy we moored on off Queenborough, I estimated 34 nm, in fact it was 33.9nm.

Sean caught the buoy  but then had to get a secondary line on, not easy in such high winds

Sean caught the buoy but then had to get a secondary line on, not easy in such high winds


Ducks, medina river

These are ducks 71 and 76 found in The Medina River Isle of Wight.

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