Getting Ship Shape for sailing around Britain

Date posted: 4 April 2014

OK it was never going to be ‘plain sailing’ preparing the boat for sailing around Britain. Firstly loading everything  back onto the boat that we took off for the winter, this involved numerous journeys from Looe to Polruan, thankfully both in Cornwall! Then hiking these loads from the car park, through the boat yard to Kantara our old but sound Westerly Riviera.

We had new sails for this season made by Sail Shape in Fowey. We are lucky enough to have a furling head sail and main sheet, I don’t know about you but we NEVER attached the rope round the drum in the right direction first time, we usually end up hurling instructions at each other or some poor volunteer. This year, we did, so the sail was raised on a dry, calm day, on very clean decks and furled in, on the first attempt, dare I say this…. beautifully. The main sail was equally easily fitted, it has never previously been know!

Our engine was newly fitted last season, I have previously written a blog article about this, the previous engine to this having only been fitted months earlier..there’s a story all of its own there.

Sean my husband greased to sea cocks, we’ve anti fouled, washed all the halyards, fitted new anodes, replaced the  jack stays, checked the rope cutter and replaced the air tanks on our diving gear, just in case one of us needs to dive underneath (we will toss a coin for that adventure).

We have loaded what appears to be half a grocery shop in the spare cabin, I hate to think what we are going to weigh at the end of this trip, the chocolate alone is in a holdall usually reserved for ‘on flight baggage’!

Selections of what we hope will be suitable clothing for spring, summer and autumn, packed thermals and a swimming costume, one hopes we don’t need both of those on one day, especially if I loose the toss of the said coin.

As I intend to stay in touch with friends and family and run Static Boat Holidays whilst I float round the UK, every type of electronic wizardry including three different network sim cards (one never can be too sure or confident), has been carefully stored. Which in reality means that for the first few days there will be a constant question hanging in the air ‘have you seen…’

As I’m sat at home writing my first blog entry, I have butterflies in my stomach, I’m not sure if its excitement or nerves. We join Kantara tomorrow and leave Fowey on Sunday, weather permitting.

Stay with us for the journey, and if you have any advice or wish just simply to let us know your following us add a comment, as we sail around Britain on the ocean waves, we will also be glad of a change of conversation!

Viv Sullivan



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