Medina River to Chichester Marina, Sailing around Britain 2014

Date posted: 22 April 2014

Day 9 on our trip sailing around Britain, from the Folly pontoon on the Medina River to Chichester Marina, what a great sail.

Yesterday evening we had three friends join us for the night, Sarah, James and Carl.

I climbed into the tender moored at the stern of the boat this morning, as I was still half asleep I didn’t notice the depth of water in the tender; the water lapped over the side of my deck shoes, always a good wake up call! Sarah jumped ship, leaving us with James and Carl, two non sailors. I gave the safety brief and frightened the life out of them with man over board procedures, flare handling information and how to put up a May Day shout.

We quietly slipped our mooring at about ten and headed off down the Medina River, refueling at Cowes on the way past.

refueling, cowes

Refueling at Cowes, thankfully we had over estimated our use, so not as costly as we had anticipated


We were quite pleased to see that although we had calculated our fuel consumption at 3 litres every hour at 20,000 rpm, we were actually more economical than that, so refueling was cheaper than we anticipated a rare day indeed.

Once past the marked passage off Cowes, we put the main sail up, and secured her on the port side.  Our speed over the next four hours varied from 3.3 knots to 7.5 knots, the wind changed and moved from  Westerly to Southerly. It was a cracking sail, what I would describe as perfect, we had to change tack a couple of times and re position the sail or sails. The wind was with us, and there were only wavelets to contend with, how lucky we were.

I pointed out to Carl a yacht that was practicing a ‘man overboard drill’, I suggested to Carl as the crew missed the practice man ( a white fender), that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to run the crew over if you miss them on the first sweep round, which is what happened whist we were watching. I did rather think you chances of survival really rely on the crew and skippers joint experience to get you back on board…safely.

James, carl, passengers, chichester marina

Carl and James our passengers for the day, on route for Chichester Marina

man overboard, solent

Man overboard drill being practiced in Solent, they missed the man, and then ran him over!

PBO, Chichester

This was the article from the PBO that helped guide us into Chichester Marina

Chichester Marina, lock

Entering the lock at Chichester Marina was easier than we thought.


We enjoyed our lunch today, James cooked us a mushroom risotto, absolutely amazing. He used vermouth, garlic, lemon juice and marjoram plus two small bags of fresh Parmesan, served with a crunchy French stick, absolutely to die for.

mushroom risotto

James made us a delicious mushroom risotto for lunch

James and Carl have gone for a walk to look for a suitable wine to serve with a red Thai curry they plan to cook later. Bless them, I wonder if they would like to sail on further with us. I’ll let you know how dinner at the Chichester Marina went tomorrow.

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Ok,  I’ve just had a shower at Chichester Marina…the best so far on our sailing around Britain trip, ultra modern, underfloor heating, piped classical music, individual cubicles, stone tiles…..gets 10/10 from me!




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