Arun Yacht Club, Littlehampton to Brighton Marina, Sailing around Britain 2014

Date posted: 28 April 2014

28th April 2014, day 12 on the water. We set off from our pontoon at the Arun Yacht Club at 10am, two hours before high water.  At the last marker leaving the harbour we pointed 153’ for 2.6nm and then made a heading of 79’ for 16nm straight into Brighton marina. The wind was ESE we used the sails on the second tack but we did motor cruise as the wind was 1-3 knots and being close to Springs we had 1.2 knots of tide against us for an hour, but having the sails up meant we increased our speed by half a knot.

We used our new traveler today; pulling the sail to starboard in the lightest of winds did help, a little.



Sean unbolted all the attachments from the old traveler to the new one and saved himself a fortune. The traveler needed replacing because two of the wheels had disintegrated

Those following our footsteps should be aware that there is a new flood defence being created on the eastern side of the harbour. The river Arun already runs at approximately 6 knots, with the new defence barriers this has narrowed the river which has created an additional half a knot of speed; this is comparable to the river Seven. You should also be aware of the  lobster pots in the bay, dozens of them, they would be quite difficult to avoid at night.

lobster pots, littlehampton

Be aware of the quantity of lobster pots in the bay around the entrance to Littlehampton

Whilst we were on our pontoon, we saw two RNLI rescues for Yachts in difficulty. You really wouldn’t want to enter or leave the river, when it is wind against tide, because there is a fabulous bar right at the entrance, creating a white wall of turbulence, scary stuff if you don’t get it right. Having said all this we had a smashing time, the members of the Arun Yacht Club could not have been friendlier or more helpful.

We knew that we would dry out on the pontoon, but what we hadn’t considered was what would happen when we dried out. Having arrived at high tide we carefully moored up, putting on our springs and even a rope from the center cleat to shore and shot off to see Arudel Castle. It was only the following day whilst we were around at low tide that we realized the pontoon drops with the tide. Meaning that the pontoon settles on the mud, well it would have if it weren’t hanging from the side of our yacht! We had to make some quick adjustments, and make sure we were standing at the right end of the pontoon as we started the process, otherwise it would have been a similar story to the chap who sits at the end of a branch sawing between him and the tree, we would have been bounced into the water as the pontoon dropped over a meter.

So we have arrived at Brighton marina, again the price advertised in the Almanac is wrong; I wish the marinas would seasonally update the prices. Two nights came to fifty nine pounds, there was a 54p per meter difference, over 25% increase, no free wifi either and the showers appear to be in temporary accommodation, nothing like Chichester marina of for that matter Arun Yacht Club.

We moored up and had some lunch, then shot off to Asda, which is within the harbour ‘village’, very convenient, although we needed so much I think we will need to return tomorrow. Lots of shops, a cinema, Brighton Yacht Club and probably more than a dozen restaurants frequent the site attached to Brighton marina.

Tomorrow we shall head off into Brighton by bus (Brighton Marina is very much on the outskirts of Bright) and have a look round the lanes, where we are bound to spot some delightful little antique that we will end up taking for a sail around the Britain.



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