Largo Bay to the Royal Tay Yacht Club, escorted in by dolphins.

Date posted: 5 June 2014

We had a good night’s sleep in Largo Bay, which was somewhat surprising considering how hard the wind was blowing, but we had turned into the wind and were held in that position all night. Martin on Tui beside us, said he had rocked all night, I think that’s another advantage of a bilge keel, we don’t rock as much!

In comparison to yesterday we had 32.4 nm of a dream sail with a pod of bottle nose dolphins thrown in for good measure.

We weighed anchor at 9.15am, there was good holding in Largo Bay, and the anchor came up quite clean, so it must have been sand. Sometimes when we have raised the anchor, it needs dipping a couple of times to clean it.

As we left the anchorage we saw  bank full of male Ida ducks, the female is brown, and the male white with some black head markings and some black on the wing, but predominantly white, a seal, puffins, razor bills, fulmars and cormorants, and of course gannets.

The wind started as a northerly 4, and moved to a north easterly 4, then an easterly 3, as it died away in the last hour and a half. The sea state was moderate initially then eased off that to a slight. But the sails were out all day and the engine hardly used. What a difference a day makes.

We were meant to anchor off St Andrews this evening but as we were approaching the waves were rolling straight into the bay and neither of us fancied waiting to see if the sea state would settle; so we continued straight for the river Tay, which leads up to and past Dundee. At the second set of channel markers we were joined by a pod of about 8 bottle nose dolphins. They played in our bow wave for about an hour, which meant that we began to recognise individual dorsal fins, some damaged, so bent, some distinctive than others. I just can’t believe these are the first we have seen on this trip.


Dolphins playing close to the side of the boat



We had no problems crossing the bar at the mouth of the Tay, in the almanac it was described as treacherous in certain conditions, thankfully we didn’t encounter another Blakney scenario. I certainly wouldn’t have attempted crossing the bar yesterday.

broughty castle

Broughty Castle

We motored up to Broughty Castle opposite Tay Point, where we have picked up a buoy opposite the Royal Tay Yacht Club. We plan to meet Roddy tomorrow, who plans to move his boat to St Andrews and upload her onto Static Boat Holidays, and let her for a few weeks a year.

Royal Tay Yacht Club

Royal Tay Yacht Club

Sean is cooking spaghetti bolognaise for our dinner;  tomorrow we will go ashore and explore the Royal Tay Yacht Club .

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