Hopes Nose to Weymouth, 47.5nm.

Date posted: 11 April 2014
Lyme Bay, sailing

Last time I crossed Lyme Bay it was gale force seven

Day 4, 11th April, Hopes Nose to Weymouth, 47.5nm. Sailing around Britain

A good night’s sleep on anchor at Hopes Nose, I only woke once when the wind had obviously changed direction for a couple of hours and rocked us a bit.

We left bright and early with wind of 2/3 knots, so the sails were straight up, this improved by hour three to 4 knots and then died away to nothing  by the 6th hour. We sailed and motor sailed the whole way on a port tack, but what wind there was worked for us coming from the north.

I was the first on watch, and as Sean had worked out our passage plan I have to say that I just asked him what course I should set and kept an eye casually about me. But ahead I could see what appeared to be four masts, as the hour progressed we appeared to be gaining on these boats, and as we got even closer I observed that actually they were cardinals! What’s that saying ‘should have gone to spec savers’.  I did admit my mistake to Sean, who just shook his head and wondered off.

I didn’t see any other yachts today until we came round Portland Bill, yesterday whilst we were in Torbay, I counted fifteen.

Sean gave us a window to get round Portland Bill with the tidal streams, he calculated that we would need to be there between  3- 4pm, so we had to maintain a steady five knots.  As it was we shot round at 3.30pm at 7.4 knots.

There is a saying ‘one swallow doesn’t make a summer’ but we saw a number, all migrating across the channel home for the summer. What with the brilliant sunshine today and the swallows one could be forgiven for thinking summer has arrived.

We were going to anchor off Weymouth this evening, we pottered about just off the beach ,  but you know sometimes it just doesn’t feel right and this was one of those occasions. We had to go in so close to the beach and we weren’t sure exactly where we were allowed to anchor. So we turned about and came into the harbour, where thankfully it wasn’t too busy and subsequently noisy.

Weymouth, weymouth Harbour,

Weymouth Harbour on a lovely sunny evening in April

We enjoyed the shower block at the harbour office, fabulous shower room. Sean and I then went for a walk and returned to the boat for our dinner.

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Wildlife seen today: Cormorant, Black backed gulls, Razor Bills, Fulmar and Swallows.

It was quite a long day today from Hopes Nose to Weymouth, so we are both a bit weary, we are off to Pool tomorrow to see our son Robin and some of his friends for a couple of nights. Tomorrow was forecast 4/5 on one weather site and 1 /2 on another, so we shall wait and see, the only area they agree on was that it would be a westerly wind, great for us heading east. Meanwhile it looks like a very quiet nights sleep in Weymouth alongside the harbour wall on the pontoon.



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