Sailing around Britain – Grimsby to Scarborough

Date posted: 31 May 2014

Day 28 on the water, we left Grimsby at 6am,, we have been sheltering in Grimsby for the past six days avoiding the high winds and rain.

Lets back track first and let me tell you a little about six days in Grimsby! The first two days were smashing, we had brilliant sunshine and clear blue sky’s. Our friends Hazel and Andy joined us from Derbyshire and stayed on board with us. We went off to Steels fish and chip shop in Clevethorpe, apparently this was something that we HAD to do,  Andy drove us and we weren’t disappointed. A well established restaurant  spread over two floors, with an old fashioned menu, serving the type of food we had as children when we were on holiday. Fish and chips with mushy peas, bread and butter and cups of tea, sticky toffee pudding and custard!

We also bought a new lap top here, as our other device had been playing up. We went shopping, we sat in a shopping centre and drank coffee! novel for us. We played bridge, ate and drank too much and enjoined the swapping of  stories with the  locals in the bar at the Humber Cruising Association Marina.

Hazel and Andy stayed a couple of days and enjoyed the sunshine with us in Grimsby

Hazel and Andy stayed a couple of days and enjoyed the sunshine with us in Grimsby

We managed to work out where the water was coming from in the stern locker, we did this by drying the locker – after removing another 18 litres of water. Sean had a brain wave and turned the engine on, and we found out which pipe was leaking, it was then just a process of working out where on the pipe.  So I wrapped one pipe in toilet paper, Sean restarted the engine and we located the split, which was only an inch long on the back of the pipe. So I used some sealant then I wrapped the pipe in rubber weld which is a self amalgamating tape, this has appeared to have solved the problem, but obviously in a day or two we will have to check again. (this evenings inspection found the stern locker dry)

Viv in the stern locker repairing the leak

Viv in the stern locker repairing the leak

The repair to the pipe in the stern locker.

The repair to the pipe in the stern locker.

We also found about 40 plus litres of fresh water in our bilges, after pumping out, we checked hose attachments following the pipes back to the tanks and discovered that the head attachment had come lose on the tank. Sean tightened this adding some PTFE tape, this is a very thin white tape for screw joints in plumbing. (sadly this didn’t work as well and there was water sloshing about in the bilges this evening).

We visited Asda and managed to stock up on the chocolate and also found a NHS drop in centre and topped up my pain relief for my back.

Sean looking happy with our latest chocolate supplies

Sean looking very pleased with our new boat supplies…chocolate all the way



Hazel and Andy left on the bank holiday Monday, and Sarah from the Isle of Wight then stayed from  the Monday until when we we sailed this morning. Yesterday Sarah drove us to Lincoln for a day out, which was very interesting , ignorantly I hadn’t realised the history associated with Lincoln. We also had a really pretty little duck that visited us each morning, I think she smelt the toast, we introduced  her  to Victoria and Albert from the IOW Royal Victoria Yacht Club.



How could we resist this dear little soul looking for breakfast.



Sarah with said white duck, which was very tame.

We also visited the Grimsby Maritime and Fishing museum  and behaved badly!! But we did have a lovely time, the museum was well presented, also included was a tour of an old fishing trawler. Now who would have thought that that would have been so interesting, but the guide was an elderly gentleman who had previously worked on the trawler, he absolutely nailed it with stories and  anecdotes.

Viv pulled an exhibit!

Viv pulled an exhibit!

Sean got carried away and got dressed up in the children's section!

Sean got carried away and got dressed up in the children’s section!

So back to today we came out on free flow and headed East North East. We didn’t follow the suggested passage for smaller boats, but struck out right across the shipping channels which cut our journey by about five miles, we did follow the green cross code and check both ways! The sea was quite choppy in the Humber but it was wind against tide, so anticipated.  As we headed round Spurn Head the water settled down to the top end of a moderately rough, but as the morning has progressed the wind and sea state has settled down. We started by motor sailing for an hour then had three hours sailing and now the engines back on and we are motor sailing.

We are sailing in company today, Martin in Tui, a Nicholson 32 is taking the same passage, we’ve chatted a bit on the phone and we have invited him  on board this evening for a dish of beef stew, he’s offered to bring bread and a wine box…. ! (Is he religious?)

The wind died just before two PM, as we arrived at Flamborough Head, but we didn’t mind as we saw our first Puffins and Razorbills of the season, hundreds of them.  But those little puffins are elusive, I didn’t manage to get a really clear picture. We also saw Ganets, Guillemots, Herring gulls and Fulmars.

Razorbills, Puffin

Razorbills and Puffin off Flamborough Head

We contemplated anchoring at Filey Bay, but there is a huge swell, ten hours in this has been long enough. We arrived about four and helped Martin moor up as well. We actually used our cockpit table for the first time this evening and dined Al Fresco. Then we all went for an hours walk and a quick look round. On arrival back at the pontoon we helped Martin turn his boat around and then he came and helped us turn ours around, this was done with the two rope system and haul!

Tomorrow we are off again, but we get a bit of a lie in, we aren’t leaving till eight!





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