Sailing from Dover – sailing around Britain 2014

Date posted: 5 May 2014

Day 15, Sunday the 4th of May, in the morning we headed into town, for a wonder round and visited Dover museum, we both thought our visit was a few hours well spent, as we had just enough time before we needed to catch the tide heading for Ramsgate.


We enjoyed beautiful weather for our stroll round Dover

2 pm saw us heading  out of Dover via the Eastern channel to catch the tide up to Ramsgate, just as well at times there was 2 knots of tide, because there was very little wind.

Kantara, Dover

Sean steering Kantara out of Dover by the eastern exit.

We set off with Freyja a boat we have been seeing in ports as we go, I wanted to use the term ‘bumping into’, but I promise Steve the new owner we haven’t ever bumped into his new pride and joy. I don’t know why but they glided away from us, sometimes we had 2.5 knts and at other times 4.5 knts, but as you can there was more tide than wind.

white cliffs, Dover

Very little wind to push us along under the white cliffs of Dover

I cooked a lasagna on route as we had invited Steve and Brian aboard for dinner in Ramsgate, it was so sunny and calm we both removed our life jackets and ended up in just tee shirts.

So we have moved from the English Channel into the Dover straights, and now for the infamous Goodwin Sands, which funnily enough gave us no problems at all on such a calm day and at high water.

We trailed out our fishing gear but didn’t catch a thing, there was a boat at anchor that we glided past, they had nine rods out and were catching fish after fish, which didn’t do our spirits much good, it obviously wasn’t our turn.

We arrived at Ramsgate at 6pm to see Freyja on her pontoon.

Ramsgate Sailing Club, Ramsgate

Freja left us standing in the light winds, Steve and Brian were in the sailing club by the time we arrived.

We have booked in for two nights as we decided to explore Broadstairs and Margate, which we couldn’t get into by boat. We had a lovely first evening here, Brian and Steve joined us on board for dinner, and an exchange of stories and advice, which for us moving up the east coast was invaluable.

Let me introduce our two little ducks, ducks 71 and 76, they were found twenty four hours after the Royal Victoria Yacht Club had its duck race. 71 was found at the Odessa Boat yard, and 76 was found the following day dancing off the Folly….we hope to take them all the way around the UK and return them next year. They will be pictured regularly on their journey!

All quiet in Ramsgate tonight! But the forecast for the next week is looking very unsettled.


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