Brighton to Eastbourne, Sailing around Britain 2014

Date posted: 2 May 2014

Day 13 on the water! 2nd May 2014. We stayed in Brighton Marina longer than anticipated as I slipped a disc bending over to put some shoes on. Thankfully I was standing right next to our bunk, so Sean was able to help me roll onto it, where I stayed flat out for two days. Eventually Sean dialed 111 and we had a medic come on board who gave me gas and air. The pain was still there, but I just didn’t care any more! Sadly James the paramedic was unable to prescribe me any pain relief, so he called another medic, and Katie arrived and sorted me out with a whole cocktail of drugs. So within twenty four hours I was back on my feet.

Sean bumped into some fellow sailors we last caught up with in Stornaway three years ago, its funny how we see the same faces in different locations, sailing really is a small world. Sean also had a lovely afternoon in Brighton town, taking lots of photographs to show me what I had missed!

We did seriously wonder if we would have to abort our second attempt at sailing around Britain. Our family were gearing themselves up to assist in a rescue mission, but here I am, I’ve bounced back.

We had to wait for at least one hour after low tide today to leave, the marina is meant to be at least 2m in depth, but in fact is only .8m, as you can see by the markers in the pictures, even the marked channels dry at low tide. One Yacht got it wrong and was left stranded literally waiting for the tide.

Cold but happy to be on deck rather than flat on my back

Cold but happy to be on deck rather than flat on my back



Beachy Head

We sailed along underneath Beachy head in a steady 5 knots



Brighton Marina

a yacht caught short by the shallow channels in Brighton Marina



I had difficulty getting off the pontoon in Brighton, the wind was blowing me on, and I was in a tight corner position. But with Sean pushing on the quay and me pulling the wheel hard over we made it look quite easy. Thankfully no one could read my mind.

Port markers

Markers at the entrance to Brighton Marina, dry out!!

We came out of Brighton Marina the wind was NNE ¬†with 4/5 knots of wind, Sean put out a third of the main and half the foresail, just to see how he would cope, as I wasn’t much use to him today. After about ten minutes and some discussion he pulled out the whole of the foresail and we sailed for 14 nm on one tack, our speed varied between 5.3 and 8.7 knots, it was gusting every time we went past one of the Seven Sister valleys, but manageable.

Wind and tide against us threw up a lot of spray in quite choppy water

Wind and tide against us threw up a lot of spray in quite choppy water


We were allocated a berth which once we had round the berth discovered it had already been taken, this is quite a common occurrence. Again I must mention the the prices are wrong in the Almanac again.

Its quite a marina complex here, the marina is surrounded by flats and town houses, with small bridges connecting the different marinas, they also have a cinema, Next, Asda, TKMax and a number of other retail giants, plus the usual array of restaurants.

Wildlife spotted: one very young Fulmar struggling in the heavy seas, flapping its wings and not getting air born, appearing to be water logged.

As I scribe this Sean is busy passage planning  from Eastbourne Marina to Dungeness, where looking at the weather we could anchor off, but his secondary plan could see us hitting Dover. Meanwhile thank you Eastbourne!


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