Whitehills to Buckie, another day on our boat holiday, sailing around Britain 2014

Date posted: 19 June 2014

Sometimes a sign will just make you laugh this was just one of those occasions!

You have to read this sign and as you do, you automatically have a Scottish accent!









The entrance to Whitehills Marina

It was quite an interesting entry and exit from  The marina on route to Buckie, which really shouldn’t be undertaken in a large swell or at low tide.

Again we were made exceptionally welcome at Whitehills by a charming harbour master called Bertie, the marina has a gold standard award for marinas and it is well deserved. The showers and sailors room are immaculate, cheap laundry service, courteous service and advice, this marina couldn’t be faulted. The showers were £1, for 7.5minutes, Simon laughingly said for two pound we could shower the whole crew! The berth in the first harbour was rocky in a north westerly wind, but Bertie did say if it was too much we could go to the hammer head in the inner harbour.

We took off for a day’s walking along the coast and visited the charming village of Portsoy.  Bertie looked a bit doubtful but didn’t advise us that there wasn’t a footpath, it can only be said that we had a very interesting walk through peat, scrambling through fields, along pebble beaches and through lanes. Eventually we arrived at the Shore Inn in Portsoy and got chatting to the landlord who expressed an interest in Static Boat Holidays and then offered to display some of our advertising cards. He told us that we should have come in next week when its the boat festival, we explained we were sailing around the UK, and he said don’t worry I’ll hand them out for you, big thumbs up from us! We caught the bus back, and I had a word with Bertie about our coastal walk, to which he replied ‘I thought you were being a bit keen’, sometimes you really have to laugh!

Portsoy Harbour




In the Shore Inn, Portsoy you’ll find a warm welcome and Static Bot Holiday leaflets!








So another day, another sail, so after a lovely short stay in Whitehills we headed off to Buckie, which was only a short hop along the coast. 13.7 nm and would you believe it…no wind, so once again we put out the fishing lines and caught a few mackerel. It was such an uneventful journey, we saw dolphins breaching, seals, and the sea arches at Bow Fiddle Rock, were exceptional along this coast. I did have a little doze along here but I woke in time to reply to a few booking enquiries and guide us onto the harbour wall, what more can I say!

Bow fiddle rock







So today we headed off on foot again, this time heading to Spey Bay, which was a ten mile round walk. By comparison to our last walk today’s walk would have been graded easy by the ramblers. After we walked past Port Gordon, we entered a very long stretch of beach, several miles long. Here we saw seal whilst we picniced, laying around on rocks, right in front of us, dolphins breaching and the biggest surprise of all three Minke whales which thrilled us by ‘blowing’,  we watched them for about half an hour.

We saw a group of eighteen seals laying about on rocks near Port Gordon







The beach between Port Gordon and Spay Mouth, where we saw dolphins and minke whales








We had an excellent first night in the second of four pounds within the harbour at Buckie, but this evening the wind is blowing up to a seven and as we stepped ashore the boat was keeling over against the stone wall. Thankfully Sean’s fender boards are holding up well, so I’m not sure what our night will be like this evening. As the boat is surrounded by stone harbour walls, none of us have any signal at the moment on any of our devices, so after dinner this evening we have all decamped to the local pub and are all sat quietly tapping away on our devices, with pints at our sides.


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