Kinlochbervie to Loch Inver Sailing around Britain 2014

Date posted: 8 July 2014

On a boat you only need one skipper, on our boat we have a number of skippers, which has led to a little friction at times. So last night Sean and I had a discussion about not stepping in to interfere with whoever has done the passage planning, today this worked much better. Simon was left to passage plan and directed us as he saw fit throughout the day, as I trust Simons judgement I had quite a relaxing day, not leaving till 9am!

fabulous views over Kinlochbervie

Kinlochbervie , the perfect place to start your day

We couldn’t have had a more different day today, calm flat waters, and a very light wind. After about two hours we put the sails up and cruised along between 2.8 knots and 4.4 knots, at 12 Mike spotted white beaked dolphins playing ahead of us, these dolphins are much smaller than the bottle nosed dolphins, and can be mistaken for harbour porpoise.

As we glided along today we shared the water with our new friends Simon and Finn.

Friends joined us at KInlochbervie

Simon and Finn who joined us for a fish curry

At one o’clock we pulled the sails in as we rounded Stoer Point, there really was no wind! Simon guided us into harbour and as Sean was on watch he took her onto the pontoon, whilst Simon and I took the lines. The journey took 26.1nm, and we had the tide with us the whole time and we arrived at 2.30pm.

On arriving at Loch Inver, we all set about doing some repairs, Marian and I did a little remedial work on the foresail, Sean and Simon changed the engine oil (250 hour change) and oil filter, and Mike went off to change the gas bottle. The cost here to change the gas was the dearest to date as we sail around the UK £39.60, by comparison to Burnham-on-couch which was £24.99.

If you’re tempted to undersize your boat when reporting to the harbour master, don’t! We saw him measuring the boats on the pontoon.

We went into the village this afternoon, which had a lovely butcher and a couple of small shops, but the pièce de résistance was the visitors centre, with a live feed to an eagle’s nest, beautiful displays and helpful staff.

Simon and Finn came for dinner this evening, and came armed with two lovely desserts, one chocolate and another meringue, they were delicious. Whilst we were sailing today we took pictures of each other’s boats and this evening I emailed Simons to him.

Marian off watch!

Mike whale watching

Sean making our cheese salad wraps at lunchtime

Sean and Simon changing the oil and oil filter


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