Studland Bay to Yarmouth Marina

Date posted: 15 April 2014

Studland Bay to Yarmouth Day 7  Sailing around Britain. Monday 14th April,  we watched a beautiful sunrise with our early start for Yarmouth Marina, we weighed the anchor at 6am and glided quietly away from our mooring ( having spent ten minutes cleaning the thick mud that was stuck to the anchor- good holding in Studland Bay!).

We headed straight across Poole Bay towards the Needles on the Isle of Wight, bearing 86′ and would you believe just for a change, no wind, another day of 2018 mb. No hazards until we passed into the Needles Channel, where we were surrounded by over falls, in among those seemingly hiding were lobster pot buoys.

log, sean, passage planningSean keeping the hourly log updated

I did the passage planning for today and I took the first hours watch, I had anticipated 18.5 nm, allowing a time of three hours to get round to Yarmouth Marina, in actual fact it was 18.1nm and took 2.5 hours, what I hadn’t appreciated was the rate of the tide coming through into Yarmouth. We hit 9.7 knots, top speed so far on this trip. We entered Yarmouth harbour and using Sean’s fender boards moored up alongside the quay wall.

Sean and I shot off for an afternoon stroll around the Western Yar Estuary, you start this circular walk by the sailing club and conveniently half way around in Fresh Water is the Red Lion pub, the walk takes about two hour and is coded by the ramblers as easy.

On returning Sean went to put our strops into the stern section of our locker, ( Sean had been working on the shackles ) and found six inches of water. So he pumped the flooded sections out and dried the area thoroughly, I then ran water over the davits and steps to see if either of these areas were letting in water, but to no avail, so we put everything away, slightly mystified. But something we will have to keep an eye on!

Wildlife seen: Wren, Great tit, Swan, Egrets, Mallards, Shell duck, Wood pigeon, Black headed gulls, Great spotted wood pecker and a Crow dive bombing a buzzard.

Yarmouth Marina

Sunset at Yarmouth Marina April 2014

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On our trip sailing around Britain, its been about the locations as well as the sailing, Studland Bay was beautiful and the walking around Yarmouth fantastic, this evening I’m feeling very fortunate.


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