Sailing around Britain from Itchnor to Littlehampton

Date posted: 24 April 2014

Days 10 and 11, Thursday 24th April, Chichester to Itchenor to Littlehampton.

In our berth in the marina we were so tightly sandwiched in I wondered how easy it would be leave. We are very high sided and at times even the slightest wind makes Kantara quite tricky to maneuver in tight spaces, thankfully we managed to leave between two gusts of wind and my nerves were unfounded.

Last night we came out of Chichester Marina in the pouring rain at 6pm, we had been sitting about waiting for the lock to become ‘free flow’. Little did we know that at this time of year there are no free flow periods. We motored down river to just off Itchenor sailing club, and anchored for the night, as we dropped the anchor the rain stopped, how typical was that!

I have to say that last night was so calm it didn’t feel as though I was afloat. I woke this morning to a beautiful hazy sunrise.

At anchor near Itchenor

It was a slow start and we eventually left with the tide at 1pm, We had planned a short hop round to Littlehampton,  to enter the harbour two hours before the high tide at 6 pm. As it happened with such calm waters we ended up anchoring again.

Talk about a becalmed day, we started off with a gentle 2 knots and Sean cheerfully unfurled the main, I stopped the engine and we did……nothing! We were gliding along at 1knot, the strength of the tidal stream.

Sea off West Sussex


Sean relaxing ‘off watch’ A fabulous day on the water, not a ripple in sight totally becalmed.

This is the pattern we are developing, a days sailing (or just recently motoring) to a destination and then a little site seeing. Yesterday it was Chichester Cathedral tomorrow the castle. In between this Sean does maintenance work on the boat.


screws, traveler

Our traveler had some bearings missing, Sean struggled to unscrew the screws to get the traveler off.

I’ll let you know how we got on leaving the boat at Littlehampton tomorrow.


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