TOP 5 best beaches in Portugal (part 2)
Berlenga grande The beaches on the island of Berlenga Grande are a chain of beautiful lagoons, safely protected from the wind by powerful cliffs. Here you can combine traditional beach…

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Lake Como in Italy
Water expanses of Italy are primarily associated with Venice and gondolas that cut through the narrow canals of this city on the water. But the picturesque lakes of the country…

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Temple of Pura Oolong Danu
This Indonesian temple does not look like typical Asian religious buildings. In addition to bizarre carved architecture, it has a special aura and a very interesting location. You can see…

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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a unique archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, which is home to many rare species of flora and fauna. The islands, covering an area of ​​7800 sq. Km, are located from the state of Ecuador at 972 km.

The archipelago consists of 19 islands, 13 of which are of volcanic origin and are the province of Ecuador with a population of about 25 thousand people.

A bit of history

According to scientists, the formation of the first islands began about 5 million years ago. The volcanic eruption in 2005 on one of the young islands makes it possible to assume that the formation of the youngest of them is in an active process. Continue reading

Coconut Island

Isla del Coco or Cocos is a tropical island of volcanic origin, geographically owned by Costa Rica and distant from it by almost 600 km. It is one of the largest Pacific uninhabited islands.

The unique, untouched nature, the rich underwater world, as well as the pirate past and the secrets associated with treasure hunting, encourage fans of extreme relaxation to visit this exotic island, discovering new interesting places.

What attracts the island of Cocos

The mountainous territory of the island is covered with virgin jungle forest, in which there are unique representatives of the tropical flora and fauna. Some of them are endemic, that is, they live only in this territory. Continue reading

Sable Island

For many centuries, a series of marine disasters in one of the Atlantic regions was a big mystery. The northern part of the Atlantic Ocean is justifiably called the “tomb of the ships.”

Mariners tried to bypass the “ghost island” tenth side, if only to get to their destination alive. According to various sources, from 350 to 500 ships found their last refuge near Sable Island.

Atlantic “cemetery of a thousand dead ships”
Sable’s gloomy glory testifies to the incredible number of shipwrecks that occurred here. For centuries, sailors have been telling word-of-mouth legends associated with this place, calling the island a “ghost”, a “deadly saber” and the “tomb of the Atlantic.” Continue reading

Corinth Canal
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Aruba Island
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What else to do in Portugal
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What to see and where to go
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