Kapalay Island
In the turquoise waters of the Sulawesi Sea, between Indonesia and Malaysia, there is one of the best places on the planet for lovers of immersion in the amazing and…

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Aruba Island
The island state of Aruba, which is part of the Lesser Antilles, is located near Venezuela. The clean coast, warm sea, noisy parties and entertainment, casinos and affordable shopping have…

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Yachting in Portugal
Since ancient times, Portugal has been a country of maritime pioneers and navigators. After several centuries, the popularity of this country among lovers of active marine recreation is only growing.…

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Sailing spots (part 2)

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Located in East Africa, Zanzibar (Tanzania) is considered one of the most picturesque archipelagos of the Indian Ocean. The ancient stone city is recognized as a UNESCO heritage. For over 1000 years, it has served as the crossroads of Asian, African and European cultures. One of the best ways to explore these places is to travel on a traditional Dhow boat (Arabic sailboat).
Best Sailing Sites – Zanzibar, Tanzania

On your travel itinerary, you should definitely take the opportunity to snorkel in the local waters – this is truly an exciting water adventure. In addition, you can book a diving safari in Zanzibar, which will allow you to visit the most interesting places for diving within a few days.
Western scotland

The west coast of Scotland is an ideal yachting destination in Europe. If you are looking for places where you can avoid crowds of vacationers in the summer, then you should go to the western islands in the Inner Hebrides. This is the best place to rent a yacht.
Top Sailing Yachts – West Scotland

Take a sail along the coastal line untouched by civilization and by all means do not miss the opportunity to taste high-quality Scotch whiskey (it is best to visit an excursion with a tasting at a local distillery).

In no way inferior to the widely publicized Montenegro, Croatia is also the best Balkan country for exciting yachting. Just like in Greece, there are many large and small islands, most of which are concentrated near the coast of Dalmatia.
Top Sailing Yachts – Croatia

The azure sea, medieval fortresses and parties from dawn to sunset in coastal clubs – all this includes a trip around Croatia on a yacht. You can choose Dubrovnik as a starting point and from there go to the open sea.
British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

About 60 tropical islands are part of the British Virgin Islands archipelago in the Caribbean, so it is not for nothing that this place is considered the mecca of yachtsmen in the Caribbean.
Top Sailing Sites – British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Calm waters and steady sea breezes make these places ideal for sailing on a yacht. In the spring, sailing races and traditional regattas are often held here, one of the most famous starts annually in the first week of April. It is best to start your journey from Tortola.
Lofoten, Norway

There are not many places in the world where yachting can be combined with skiing. But the Lofoten Islands in Norway are just such.
Best places for sailing – Lofoten, Norway

Here you can make an exciting trip on a yacht to the remote islands of the archipelago, as well as skiing in the mountains. When traveling through Lofoten, you can admire the northern lights and visit the Lingen Alps. This northern adventure will be remembered for your whole life.

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