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Fjords of Norway
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Sailing spots (part 1)

Freedom is just one of the many reasons why sailing is especially attractive. It is the freedom of sailing that gives a pleasant realization that everything is possible. You can safely go to distant horizons, beckoning with your unknown, and follow the wind blowing you in the sails.

In fact, it is possible that you will fall into a storm, you may be tormented by seasickness, you may have difficulty crossing the water borders of various countries. But if you do not pay attention to potential disadvantages and enjoy a sailing trip, then this will be the most amazing adventure in your life, which you will later remember with a smile.
Top 10 Sailing Yachts

Here are the top ten destinations for sailing, which will pleasantly please the most comfortable conditions for sailing, even for beginners who dared for the first time on a sea adventure.
Holy Trinity Islands, Australia

Snow-white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and many colorful tropical fish that will swim with you next door when you decide to go snorkeling – these are the things that travelers of the Whitsunday island in Australia, who knowingly consider one of the most beautiful corners of the planet for sailing.
Top Sailing Yachts – Holy Trinity Islands, Australia

The islands are located in the heart of the main attraction of the “green continent” – the Great Barrier Reef. You can rent a boat and take a trip along this incredibly lively archipelago, which includes about 73 islands. Or, as an option, you can book a one-day excursion directly to the reef and go diving there.
Greek islands

Greece is invariably one of those places on the planet that is definitely worth a visit on a yacht. This destination is simply a “must do” on the list of any sailing connoisseur. The constant sea breezes, turquoise waters and numerous attractions give Greek islands a special attraction as a place for exciting yachting.
Top Sailing Sites – Greek Islands

Sailing is a great way to get to know the unique Greek culture, get in touch with the ancient history of this country and feel like Jason, who set off in search of the golden fleece. Only instead of the rune you, unlike the hero of the ancient Greek myth, will receive a lot of unforgettable impressions of Greece. Be sure to include in your route such interesting places in Greece as Athens and Paros, as well as make a stop on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

If you are a true connoisseur of wildlife, then the Galapagos Islands should be on your list of places that you should definitely visit on a yacht. This unique place is literally teeming with a variety of wild animals, which almost nowhere else to meet.
Top Sailing Sites – Galapagos Islands

Here you can admire the notorious giant lizards that did not disappear with the dinosaurs, but retained their unique population in the Galapagossa. It is worth adding to the unique flora and fauna of these exotic islands no less extra-extraordinary volcanic landscapes, which you should definitely admire in order to understand that the world is much wider than standard ideas about it.

The country of eternal ice does not immediately come into the sight of those who love sailing, and in vain. The landscapes of this country are among the most picturesque, and Greenland itself is one of the most isolated countries in the world, which leads to the preservation of unique populations of rare representatives of flora and fauna here. You can rent a schooner and go on it along the east coast of Greenland.
Best Sailing Sites – Greenland

The ideal time for travel is summer. Slowly sailing along giant icebergs and glaciers, you will be able to observe not only this impressive grandeur of the ice kingdom, but also its unique inhabitants. In the vicinity of the yacht, you will often notice whales and killer whales, and on land – snow hares. The most popular yacht cruises in Greenland in August and September.
Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Just 3 hours from Auckland, and you will find yourself in the subtropical Gulf of New Zealand. Dolphins will accompany your yacht while traveling among the emerald greenery of these tropical islands.
Top Sailing Yachts – Bay of Islands, New Zealand

These places are famous not only for the untouched nature of civilization, but also for the unique cultural heritage of the indigenous population of the country – the Maori tribe. The most popular multi-day sailing trips along the coast.

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