Komodo Park in Indonesia
Komodo National Park - a corner of unique wildlife, covering part of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia. The total area of ​​the park is 1733 sq. Km, of which…

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Yachting in Mauritius
The small island of Mauritius is a tourist pearl hidden in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Big Island is the heart of two archipelagos: Maskarensky and Kagados-Karakhosky. The…

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Komodo Park in Indonesia
Komodo National Park - a corner of unique wildlife, covering part of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia. The total area of ​​the park is 1733 sq. Km, of which…

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Skeleton Coast in Namibia

There is one mystical place in southwestern Africa, the mysteries of which have been exciting people for many centuries. This is Skeleton Coast – a lifeless stretch of desert that runs directly into the raging ocean.

The length of this mysterious piece of land is 500 km, and it stretches from the Ugab River to the Kunene River. On our planet, it is difficult to find such a place, so little visited by people and so hostile to all living things.

Name history

Its dark name Skeleton Coast received is not accidental. This piece of desert, which occupied a large part of the ocean coast, is really dotted with human remains. Over a long time spent under the scorching sun of Africa, the bones turned white and acquired amazing purity.

Skeleton Coast in Namibia

Their appearance on land is not a secret – in these places, passing ships were often wrecked, and people who appeared on the shore were doomed to a long painful death, because in front of them lay a lifeless desert, and behind it was only a vast ocean.
Local fishermen say that one headless skeleton was discovered on this shore, and the remains of a small child were found in a hut nearby.

Mysteries of Skeleton Coast in Namibia

There was also a tablet in the pile of bones, the inscription on which was made in a language unknown to people. This mystery was not solved, the circumstances of the death of these unfortunates remained unsolved, and the deserted African coast got its eerie name.
Intrigues of nature

In fact, there is a very prosaic explanation for all the strange and mystical things that happen on the Skeleton Coast, but interesting places do not at all lose their attractiveness for researchers of unusual phenomena of the planet.

Skeleton Coast – Ship Cemetery

The shipwrecks, thanks to which the coast is strewn with human remains, occur here not by chance. The fact is that the air from the hot desert is constantly cooled by the ocean current of the Bengal, washing the coast from the south. Because of this, dense dense fogs constantly appear here, significantly impairing the visibility of passing ships.
In addition, this black spot is known for its intermittent currents and powerful surfs, which also do not contribute to good shipping. Naturally, shipwrecks occurred here quite often.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

In addition to the remains of shipwrecked people, on the Skeleton Coast you can find the bones of whales thrown onto the land. It is still not known for certain why these gigantic marine inhabitants decide to take their own lives, but it is in this place that they do this quite often.
Another feature of the local landscape is the huge sand dunes of the most bizarre shapes. Among them are those whose height exceeds 300 meters. Naturally, people who were captured by this African coast, without fresh water reserves, had no chance to overcome the dunes of the Namib desert – one of the most dangerous deserts in the world. Moreover, the nearest settlements were hundreds of miles from this place.


Despite all the dangers that the Skeleton Coast is fraught with, a huge number of people dream of making a journey to this edge of civilization. Most of them are attracted not only by a thirst for adventure, but also a thirst for profit.

Interesting facts about Skeleton Coast in Namibia

The fact is that here, in addition to the remains of living creatures, you can find the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Many treasure hunters paid with their own lives for trying to get at least a few precious stones out of here, and themselves turned into skeletons – the main “decoration” of this coast.
Currently, you can visit these places without risking your life, but you need to do this as part of organized groups. Such excursions are held for those who wish to get to know the amazing nature of these places. The southern part of the gloomy Skeleton Coast is today part of the National Tourist Zone.

Sightseeing Tours to Skeleton Coast

In the local waters you can also meet fishermen who are attracted by the invariably rich catch. Fishing camps are located along the coast, and one of them has even turned into a full-fledged city – Gentisbugt.
Exotic reserve

The northern part of the gloomy Skeleton Coast is a conservation area and bears the same name. The reserve area is 16 thousand square kilometers and is divided into northern and southern zones. If everyone can enter the southern part, access to the northern zone is strictly limited – for this it is necessary to obtain a special license.

Africa Ship Cemetery – Skeleton Coast

In addition to creepy skeletons and the remains of ships that strewn the coast, the reserve can offer its guests no less interesting sights. These include an abandoned oil rig located near the Guab River and which has become a haven for a huge number of Cape cormorants.

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