Volcano Taal
Located near the Philippine capital Manila, the active Taal volcano is almost the only among similar natural objects to which you can travel by boat. Mal yes In the Philippines…

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Bloody Waterfall Antarctica
For some reason, it is mistakenly assumed that the world of Antarctica is a solid white silence consisting of snow, ice and hummocks. However, nature does not like monotony, preferring…

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Bay of Islands
To relax somewhere abroad, the dream of many. But only the elite wish not Egypt, Turkey or the EU, but something more exotic. Therefore, tourists and travelers are increasingly choosing…

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Maui Island

Being one of the largest islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui is very popular among tourists. People come here to relax and enjoy the ocean, colored sand beaches and swimming in waterfalls.

A trip to Maui is a great opportunity to get acquainted with local cuisine and attractions, go surfing and other water sports.

What to see on Maui

Interesting places on Maui are found almost everywhere. Fans of hiking and tropical nature should visit the Iao Valley, while fans of diving and snorkelling should visit Honolua Bay and Molokini. Diving in the Honolua Bay area will allow you to admire the abundance of corals, exotic fish and other marine animals.

Attractions Maui – Molokini Crater

A traditional entertainment for all vacationers in Maui is a visit to a Hawaiian party – luau, where each vacationer has the opportunity to get to know the traditions and culture of the indigenous inhabitants of the Hawaiian islands, try the local cuisine, participate in the production of garlands of flowers – lei, various competitions, hula dances and other events.
Tourists can shop and visit the Sugar Museum and the Botanical Garden in Kahului, the largest city on the island. Another major resort, famous for restaurants, shops, beaches and golf courses, is Wailea, located near Kihei.

Maui Island Attractions

Just a few minutes drive from Kihei, there is also a marine science center and one of the largest tropical aquariums in the Western Hemisphere, with an area of ​​12,000 square meters. The Open Ocean is also located here – a tunnel-aquarium with 2,000 different fish and where divers can dive, the Marine Mammal Discovery Center, an exhibition center dedicated to the mammalian inhabitants of Hawaiian waters.
Fans of nightlife can relax in Lahaina’s clubs, and in the afternoon visit the Whale Museum and City Park, where the largest fig tree in the United States grows, planted in April 1873 in honor of the first Maui missionaries.

Attractions Maui

No less interesting is the road running between the towns of Kahului and Khan. It is a real serpentine, consisting of 600 sharp turns and 59 bridges. On the left hand from the road are sandy beaches and the ocean, on the right – mountains, Maui waterfalls and the Garden of Eden botanical complex. It was here that at one time the shooting of the film “Jurassic Park” took place.
The trip will not be complete if you do not visit the Haleakala National Park, recognized in 1980 as a biosphere reserve of international importance. Here you should take a walk Oheo Gulch – a rainforest with many waterfalls and lakes, hiking paths, as well as to see the Haleakal crater and the lunar landscapes opening from its height, formed as a result of the eruption of lava.

Maui Waterfalls

The best time to visit it is recognized predawn or pre-sunset, allowing you to watch a delightful sunrise or sunset from an altitude of 3055 m above sea level.
Things to do while relaxing on Maui

Surfing and other water activities await tourists who want to visit Kihei and Paya. Here you can purchase all the necessary equipment, as well as ride well from April to September.

Water Activities in Maui

The most popular tourist destination is sandy beaches – there are about 80 of them on the island. Surfers, divers prefer to spend time on the beaches of Kaanapali Beach, Fleming Beach Park, Ulua Beach.
In the north of the island is the most famous beach – Hookipa Beach, which, thanks to the waves 9 meters high, is popular with windsurfers around the world. Black sand beaches are no less popular with surfers, among which Hamoa Beach stands out for its beauty.

Maui beaches

Little Beach is one of the beaches where nudists spend weekly hippie parties. For those who are relaxing with children, the comfortable golden beaches of Kamaole Beach Park III and Kapalua Beach are most suitable.
For those who want to actively spend time, the best travel companies of the island offer walking, cycling, horseback riding, zipline and even helicopter tours.

Hawaiian island maui

Among the popular water activities, the island offers spearfishing, sport fishing, canoeing and outrigger boats, diving. There will be no problems with renting or buying the appropriate equipment – I offer various shops and travel agencies throughout the island.
Of course, the Hawaiian Islands are an ideal place for surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. The mecca of all athletes is Hukipa Beach, where world-class competitions in these sports are held annually.

Volcano Taal
Located near the Philippine capital Manila, the active Taal volcano is almost the only among similar natural objects to which you can travel by boat. Mal yes In the Philippines…


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