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Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Iceland is one of the few countries in the world that is famous not only for its perfect ecology, but also for its many thermal springs with healing features.

Pools, springs, spa resorts – there is a huge selection here to feel the amazing effects of water saturated with useful minerals and plunge into the ethereal atmosphere of beauty and health. A vivid example of this is the world famous resort of Blue Lagoon.

Why geothermal source is remarkable

The Blue Lagoon thermal spring is located on the Reyknes Icelandic peninsula, and is one of the most interesting places not only in Iceland, but throughout Europe. The uniqueness of this wonderful pool lies in its beneficial effect on human health, and the incredible landscapes around create the impression of unreality.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

The frozen perennial volcanic lava in combination with the bright blue waters of the man-made lake is striking in its contrast, attracting more and more people who wish to improve their well-being to their sources.
The rich chemical composition of the source, the year-round temperature of which is 37-39 degrees, allows you to improve both the external and internal state of a person.

Iceland Attractions – Blue Lagoon Thermal Spring

Peace of mind, vitality, strengthening immunity, skin improvement – this is only a small part of the positive effects of silicon, mineral salts, white clay, and algae, which are used during procedures at the resort.
It is worth noting that the pool is located at the junction of two tectonic plates, which in turn increases the geothermal activity of these places. Enterprising Icelanders decided to use the natural features of their country to improve their lives.

Holidays in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The power plant, created in the 70s, plays a crucial role in providing electricity and hot water to the Icelanders ’house, thanks to the natural energy of hot water coming from the deep bowels of the earth’s crust. It is they who launch turbines that help generate electricity.
SPA resort services

The Blue Lagoon is not only water activities in the healing waters of the spring, but also a number of other services that will provide an unforgettable vacation in one of the best European resorts.

Blue Lagoon Thermal Spring in Iceland

The Lava Restaurant, located within the complex, serves delicious local cuisine. But in the bar, which is located right in the middle of the pool, you can enjoy vitamin cocktails and strong drinks.
Among the resort’s other attractions are a visit to the grotto, sauna, waterfall, and it is recommended to complete all this bliss with massages and cosmetic procedures. After such a busy day, any visitor experiences an incredible feeling of lightness and bliss.

Water Activities in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Having made a trip once to faraway Iceland, you can recharge not only with vivid impressions, but also great to strengthen your body in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon. The amazing atmosphere of the northern landscapes, among which a hot pond spreads with enchanting colors, for a long time will leave in the memory of the guests of the northern country the most fantastic impressions of what they saw.

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