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Tuamotu Islands

The large but sparsely populated Tuamotu archipelago in two rows is located in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Technically, this is about seventy coral atolls and four volcanic islands.

There is a lot of sand, coconut trees and pearl farms. And everything else – reefs, water and nature, almost untouched by man.

There were Russians

Russian people have long learned about the islands in the style of Robinson Crusoe. They explored the archipelago at the beginning of the nineteenth century, as a result of unofficially these pieces of land are called the Islands of Russians. And the names of Bellingshausen, Lazarev, Kruzenshtern, Barclay de Tolly and Kutuzov were assigned to individual atolls.

The history of the discovery of the Tuamotu Islands

Another famous explorer who visited the Twamot Islands in the twentieth century was Thor Heyerdahl. One of the island reefs was the last obstacle to the Kon-Tiki raft while sailing along the path of the ancient Polynesians.
In colorful photographs, French Polynesia looks like a paradise, a dream of a tourist who longs for a break from civilization in a hammock under a coconut tree. Tourists come here for tropical exotics, silence and the incredibly beautiful ocean.

Russians on the Tuamotu Islands

On the atolls everyone will find secluded coves and interesting places. Given the small number of local people and not overloaded by tourists, this is not at all difficult to do.
Once upon a time there lived a family of divers diving for pearls on the islands, but now the natural reserves of pearls have been depleted. The local population quickly rebuilt, and on natural shallows began to create pearl farms. As a result, it turned out that the tiny islands, which are not immediately found on the map, became the largest exporter of black pearls in the world.

Yachting on the Tuamotu Islands

Pearl farms have become another tourist attraction of the archipelago. For a small fee, tourists drive around the farm, talk about the technology of growing pearls, and demonstrate shallows strewn with shells.
To feel all the charm of relaxation on almost uninhabited islands you need to settle in a small coastal village surrounded by countless lagoons and groves of coconut trees, daily going on small trips around the islands.

Holidays on the Tuamotu Islands

Actually, there are real hotels on only two islands, but the locals are very hospitable and always happy to provide the guest with a room in their own house.
At the same time, there will be an opportunity to see the local life without embellishment, to study the local culture with complete “immersion”. It will be a very interesting experience.

Travel to the Tuamotu Islands

At the table, the guest will be offered local products (imported food is rare here), grown in a private household and on small island plantations. The local menu includes healthy foods that promote longevity: coconut and breadfruit, bananas, fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood.
Not a day without entertainment

Shopping, discos, concerts of stars and noisy parties do not fit into the format of holidays on the Tuamotu Islands. Of course, there are stars here, but only in heaven and in the sea. The main island entertainment is a beach holiday in the picturesque lagoons, walks and all kinds of water activities. Fortunately, water is everywhere.

Water activities on the Tuamotu Islands

Yachting at the Tuamotu archipelago is a mass of unforgettable impressions and gigabytes of photos on a computer. It seems that nature specifically created dozens of reefs with hundreds of lagoons to give unearthly pleasure to lovers to relax under sails.
Relaxing on the deck of a yacht is better in the summer and autumn months. During this period, comfortable weather is established in the coastal zones of the archipelago, the thermometer stays at a pleasant mark, there is no rain.

Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia

When planning a yacht holiday in this region, you need to take into account the insidious feature of the local reefs that drowned ships in the era of sailboats, and the presence of a local northeast wind-trade wind.
Rest in the second half of the year is fraught with sudden storms caused by monsoons and heavy rains that do not contribute to a comfortable rest under sails.

Diving in the Tuamotu Islands

Coral reefs are very beautiful, but it is better to go around them during daylight hours (given that in the tropics dusk begins very early and darkness is rapidly arriving).
So it is better to look for a parking place in advance, since there are many picturesque lagoons suitable for mooring a yacht. There will be no civilization nearby; stars, reflected in the smooth surface of the ocean, will serve as night lights.

Attractions Tuamotu Islands

The reefs of the Tuamotu archipelago are considered one of the best diving sites on the entire planet. You can dive at reefs in the open ocean or dive under water in the inner lagoons of looped atolls.
The bizarreness of the relief, combined with the incredibly rich underwater tropical world and the water transparent as a tear of an angel, create the impression of an unrealistic tale.

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