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Island of gozo

Have you ever been to paradise? If not, then welcome to a small quiet island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Friendly locals, sandy beaches, palm trees, pristine nature and enchanting landscapes that accompany you every kilometer of the way – all this island of Gozo is a great place for lovers of active tourism and diving. Deprived of the city bustle and vibrant nightlife inherent in neighboring Malta, it is perfect for a relaxing family vacation.

Gozo Island in Malta

The island is part of the Maltese archipelago. In the hilly area, 14 settlements are comfortably located. Despite its small area (only 67 sq. Km), it is better to travel on a personal or rented car.
Underwater life

Natural erosion tirelessly creates bizarre landscapes, changing the rocky slopes and topography of the seabed. The crystal clear water and the diversity of Gozo’s underwater world is of particular interest to divers. A variety of species of fish and corals, underwater caves and grottoes, sunken ships and a mystical craving for adventure attracts diving enthusiasts.

Gozo Diving

In connection with this tourist attraction, 11 diving schools were formed on the island, each of which offers its own cultural program. A list of the most interesting places located nearby can be obtained directly at the club.
It is headed, of course, by the Inland Sea – “Inland Sea”. This is a small but incredibly beautiful lake in the very west of the island, the waters of which merge with the Mediterranean Sea through a narrow forty-meter tunnel in the rocks.

What to do on the island of Gozo

Another natural tunnel, but already underwater, is located in the bay of Xlendi. Vertical cliffs form a bay with clear turquoise water. There are no sandy beaches, and several steep stairs lead to the water, but on the seabed you can see every pebble or shell, without even going into the water!
In general, the archipelago is rich in places for diving, and if you have not experienced the amazing sensations of underwater walks, Gozo is a great place for the first dive.

Yachting in Malta – Gozo Island

Among other water activities, surfing, rowing, fishing, and sailing are very popular. Some coastal towns have pretty harbors with dozens of different boats – sailing in Gozo is not inferior to sailing in Malta.
Giants and Greatness

All roads of the island lead to the city of Victoria, the capital of Gozo, where at the very top rises a mighty fortress – the Citadel of Rabat. By day, it personifies the strength and grandeur of its creators – the Knights of St. John, and at night, illuminated by lights, it is the most romantic place in the city.

Sights of the island of Gozo

On the territory of the Citadel there are many museums, an old prison and an armory, and the cellars of the fortress are full of famous Maltese wines. Fortification decoration is the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady.
By the way, the island has many religious buildings. This is the National Mariana Sanctuary of Ta ‘Pina, erected in 1920 after the appearance of the Virgin to one Gozitan woman, and the chapel of St. Dmitry, and the Cathedral of John the Baptist in Sheukiyeh, with the third largest dome in the world, and a twenty-meter statue of Christ at the village of Marsalforn, and the gothic chapel of Our Lady of Ludra, and many other more modest objects of worship.

Attractions Gozo

Another religious building, but already of the pre-Christian era, is the Dzhgantiya temple complex, built, according to legend, by giants more than 5.5 thousand years ago.
Two rather large clover-shaped rooms are laid out of megaliths weighing up to 50 tons and up to 6 meters high. If you want, you don’t want, but looking at the gigantic buildings, you will believe in giants. The complex is considered the most ancient man-made monument on Earth and is under the protection of UNESCO.

Holidays on the island of Gozo

Historic sites include the watchtowers of Mjarr Ish Shini, Xlendi, Dweira and San Blas. All of them were built to protect the coast of the island from Muslim pirates and corsairs.
Salt networks

Another interesting object to visit is a stone grid located on the coast near the village of Marsalforn. This is a whole system of rectangular containers hollowed out in stone of different sizes and ages.

Sights of the island of Gozo

It has nothing to do with giants, and its purpose is quite prosaic – this is how salt has been mined for centuries on the island. “Salt holes,” as the Gozitans call them, are filled with sea water, and when it evaporates, the ready-to-eat food product is scraped from the bottom.
Shattered legend

The most famous attribute of the island of Gozo until recently was the Azure Window – a rock up to 30 meters high in the shape of an arch that protruded into the sea. It was located not far from the inland sea and was a favorite destination for tourists and divers. But natural erosion prevailed over the stone, and on March 8, 2017, the Azure Arch collapsed

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