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Vic Beach in Iceland

The black sand beaches formed as a result of volcanic activity are impressive landscapes, more reminiscent of the landscapes of science fiction films. Vic Beach in Iceland is one of those natural wonders.

Located near the village of Vic, from which it got its name, this beach impresses with a realistic illusion of chernozem lands on the coast instead of sand. In fact, this is real sand, only formed from solidified lava and ash. Unlike Hawaiian black beaches pleasing the atmosphere of a tropical paradise, Vic Beach is not so hospitable.

Black Vic Beach in Iceland

Rarely dispelling thick fog, cold sea waters, black basalt cliffs and a coast of black sand with a length of 5 km – all this creates a rather unfriendly and even somewhat gloomy atmosphere, which, however, will be appreciated by gothic lovers.

Vic Beach in Iceland

Basalt columns and rocks of the most bizarre forms indeed create the feeling of being in some ominous kingdom of trolls. While on Vic Beach, one can involuntarily believe in the existence of various characters in Icelandic legends. According to one of the ancient legends, the huge boulders on the coast of Vic Beach are enchanted trolls who were caught by the first rays of the rising sun when they tried to lower their boats into the water.

And it is not surprising that this black sand beach is very popular among cinemas using these natural scenery to shoot fantastic pictures.

Fantastic scenery of Vic beach in Iceland

In general, Vic beach in Iceland attracts only rare travelers who want to enjoy such atypical beach landscapes, so here you can only hear the cries of seagulls and the noise of waves breaking on coastal cliffs and boulders.

Black Sand Beach – Vic in Iceland

According to New York photo artist Navid Barity, who, during his trip around the world, traveled to Iceland and captured the picturesque landscapes of this unique beach of the planet, he did not leave the feeling that he was somewhere on the edge of the earth, where there is no one but him and of this kingdom of magical power of the sea element.

Rocks on the coast of Vic Beach

Among the attractions of Vic Beach, one cannot fail to single out a group of bizarre cliffs that, intertwined, form many amazing arches and go into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean a considerable distance from the coast. Located near the beach, Cape Dirholay, the southernmost point of Iceland, also attracts the attention of travelers.

Cape Dirholai near Vic Beach

In 1991, the editors of Island Magazine included Vic among the most beautiful beaches in the world, and in 2014, one of the famous television companies called it one of the most unusual places on the planet. Already these characteristics and incredible photos of the amazing black Vic beach give this place a special attraction, which is worth personally feeling and feeling when you are in these places.

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