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Lighthouses of Canada
Canada is a huge country located on the North American continent, washed by the waters of three mighty oceans (the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic), which is famous not only for…

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Lighthouses of Canada

Canada is a huge country located on the North American continent, washed by the waters of three mighty oceans (the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic), which is famous not only for its primitive nature.

On the territory of this state, which has a very long coastline, there are lighthouses of various designs. Some of them were built relatively recently and are still operating, but there are those whose history begins several centuries ago.

Interesting Canada Lighthouses

It is worth considering the TOP-5 structures, to visit at least one of which should be every tourist who has visited Canada.
Sambro Lighthouse

Sambro Island Light is located on Sambro Island in Nova Scotia, at the entrance to Halifax Harbor. This lighthouse, built in 1759, is the oldest of all operating in Canada, as well as throughout North America. This structure is perfectly preserved to this day, if necessary, the lighthouse can still send a beam of its searchlight to the passing ships.

Famous Canada Lighthouses – Sambro Lighthouse

The lighthouse is painted in red and white, so it is almost impossible not to notice it from afar. This is a rather modest stone structure, built for centuries and still continuing to carry out its service on the rocky ocean coast of the Atlantic. Traveling to this picturesque place will give a lot of amazing impressions.
Fredericton Lighthouse

The full name of the lighthouse is Lighthouse on the Green. This building has long been a real symbol of the town of Fredericton. The snow-white lighthouse is quite modest in size, and it flaunts on the picturesque green bank of the St. John River.

Canada Lighthouses – Fredericton City Lighthouse

On its territory there is a museum, which every tourist has the opportunity to visit. In addition, here you can get information about all the sights of the area, buy souvenirs for memory, buy tickets to local entertainment events, and even rent roller skates or a bicycle.
Lighthouse on the Green, or Fredericton Lighthouse

The lighthouse has not been used for its intended purpose for a long time, and since 2002, the city cultural center has been operating here. The lower deck of the building has been converted so that you can hold concerts on it, or just relax, enjoying the beautiful surrounding landscape.
Cape Rosier Lighthouse

Many interesting places in Canada are somehow connected with the ocean. The lighthouse at Cape Rosier (this is Canadian Quebec, the eastern part of the Gaspe Peninsula) was erected in the middle of the XIX century.

Interesting Canada Lighthouses – Cape Rosier Lighthouse

The height of the structure is 34 meters, this particular lighthouse is by far the highest in the country. Since 1973, the object has been open for tourists to visit, from that moment it becomes part of the Canadian National History Museum.
The lighthouse rises on a steep rock near the picturesque village of Cap de Rosier, not far from the place where the St. Lawrence River pours its waters into the bay of the same name.

Cape Rosier Lighthouse, Canada

The construction has a rather impressive appearance, and is a snow-white stone tower of a conical shape with small slots of windows. At the very top a powerful flashlight was installed, the beam of which at one time helped the ships not to go astray.
The author of the draft lighthouse was the chief engineer of the Canadian Department of Public Works, John Page. For all the time the lighthouse spent a considerable number of merchant and passenger ships ashore, however, he also saw many terrible wrecks.

Lighthouses of Canada – Cape Rosier Lighthouse

Despite the fact that thanks to modern technologies in the navigation service, the need for such structures has disappeared, the lighthouse still functions.
Most of the old equipment was saved on it, only the lighting system was replaced. Every tourist has the opportunity to climb the top of the tower, the lighthouse keeper will willingly tell his story.

Fisgard Lighthouse

Built on the Pacific coast in 1850, along with Fort Rodd Hill, Fisgard Lighthouse continues to serve. The fort, built as coastal artillery, was intended to protect the city of Victoria from enemy ships.

Lighthouses of Canada – Fisgard Lighthouse

Here earthen ramparts with strong wooden fortifications were built and a powerful battery of volley guns was installed. In 1862, the Royal Navy was transferred to this harbor, which for a long time carried its service at the Pacific frontier of the state.
In 1958, the fort was given the status of a national historical monument, since then it has been functioning as a museum. To visit here and at the same time climb the lighthouse, you should arrange a visit in advance, since the museum is not always open.

Fisgard Lighthouse, Canada

In addition to the exhibits themselves, tourists are interested in scenic views of the strait – this is a great place for walks or picnics with friends. This unique corner of Canada deserves to be a travel destination.

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