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Bay of Islands

To relax somewhere abroad, the dream of many. But only the elite wish not Egypt, Turkey or the EU, but something more exotic. Therefore, tourists and travelers are increasingly choosing a country such as New Zealand as a vacation destination, exploring culture and traditions, and vivid attractions.

There are a lot of wonderful places, but the most unique is the territory of the Gulf of Islands, the name of which it received due to the mass of small islands located in a small area, in a bay similar to the Norwegian fjord. Get to know him better!

Bay of Islands, or a fairy tale almost nearby

A mild subtropical climate, snow-white beaches that stretch for kilometers, positive energy and the maximum number of sunny days in a year are the territory of the Gulf of Islands, which is located 240 km from Auckland.

Yachting in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand

It is somewhat similar to Russian beauty, except for the coast. Numerous shrubs, stunted trees, grasses, some of which are similar to our tumbleweed, yucca palm trees, similar to those that grow in the Crimea, make the trip here special. It is worth mentioning separately about the coastline, because here is the longest beach in the country, the length of which is 91 km!
Attractions New Zealand – Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands is a special place that:
located between two peninsulas – Cape Brett and Purerua;
inside the bay there are about a hundred small bays, each of which can become a place for solitude for two or outdoor activities – for the whole company;
will please travelers with numerous islands that can be reached by boat, boat, or yacht, while admiring the beauties
Gulf Islands Travel in New Zealand

In a word, the Bay of Islands is an interesting place, each of which has its own zest and character. It is so easy to imagine emerald greenery, snow-white sand, waves rolling on the shore and the many active entertainments that are possible here in New Zealand.
The attraction of the Gulfs of the Islands: not only the natural beauty

The very first European to visit here was D. Cook, after him the missionaries settled here, for a long time the local population (Maori) and the visitors were engaged only in the slaughter of whales. Time passed, traditions and cultures mixed up, so today the Bay of Islands has become attractive to tourists and travelers.

Attractions Gulf Islands (New Zealand)

Therefore, when planning trips to this part of the globe, you should pay attention to visiting the city of Russell, located in the very north of the Gulf of Islands.
It used to be the capital, today it pleases travelers with numerous museums, the Church of Christ Church, the Pompaglier house, created in Victorian style in honor of the first vicar of the mission, Flagstaff Hill.

Travel New Zealand Gulf Islands

Surfing, diving, yachting in New Zealand on the territory of the Gulf of Islands is a favorite entertainment for locals and tourists. But this is for the most active, and for those who love measuredness, excellent fishing, or visiting the Newport Chocolates ltd chocolate boutique, excursions to the Paroa Bay winery.
Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Different types of leisure, indescribable beauty, well-developed infrastructure and exquisite dishes of local cuisine – that is what attracts you to the territory of the Gulf of Islands. When planning a vacation somewhere there, write in your route and this place. You will not regret!

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