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Mamula Island

On the border between Croatia and Montenegro there is an uninhabited islet, which has long been chosen by tourists. For many years, these two states cannot divide this place, although it belongs to Montenegro territorially.

Welcome to the fortress island of Mamula – one of the most interesting places with a fascinating history. Once the Austrians were the owners here, and the island bears the name in honor of General Lazarus Mamula.

Mistress or Mamula?

The island is a relatively small piece of land with a diameter of not more than 200 m, located southeast of the city of Igalo (it is possible to get around the whole in no more than 20-25 minutes). It blocks the entrance to the bay, so it was originally of extremely important strategic importance.

Mamula Island, Montenegro

At a time when there was no fortress on the island, it was called Lastavitsa – “the island of swallows”, later Lazar Mamula – one of the Austro-Hungarian generals gave the order to build a fortress here in order to be able to protect the entrance to the bay from the sea.
From that moment, the island was named similarly to the fortress – Mamula (at present, sea charts call this land area as Swallow).

Yachting in Montenegro – Uninhabited island of Mamula

The garrisons sheltering behind the walls of the fort could perfectly reflect all attempts to attack any enemy from the sea (the fortress occupied 90% of the entire island).
However, according to the locals, not a single shot was fired from the fort. Perhaps this is precisely what explains the fact that the fortress reached our times in almost the same state as it was (with the exception of the influence of time on it).

History of Mamula Fortress

It was an ideal fort post: from it land and the sea were exclusively visible. Due to the favorable location between the two states, the fort almost completely blocks the entrance to the bay, which is why it was simply impossible to get there, bypassing the island with the fortress. And few people even tried to do this.
In addition to the strategic defensive function, during the period of World War I and II, the fortress was an excellent fortification. And during and after World War II, a concentration camp was set up here.

Mamula Fortress Island from a height of flight

Alas, the walls of the fort did not always protect their people. There is an opinion that here, at one time, the freedom fighters of Montenegro were imprisoned and tortured.
Mamula Island in the cinema

In 2014, thriller about the island was filmed by Serbia under the same name “Mamula” (in Russia the name was “Mermaid”). The plot of the “horror story” consisted of hunting the guests of the island as a keeper who guarded the peace of the mermaid (according to the film, her fortresses were underground fortress caves).

Mamula Island in the cinema

A great movie for those who want to tickle your nerves. At first, tourists eager to travel to these places, before visiting the island, were directly invited to watch a movie for some mystification of this amazing place.
Since it came to horror stories, one cannot but note the legend of the dead tourists on this island, who allegedly fell into wells located between the thickets, and from which there is no way out.

Legends of Mamula Island

There is no direct evidence for this, but this story is always told to tourists and travelers to warm up the excitement and excitement of visiting these places. Well, and to awaken vigilance and attentiveness when moving around the territory!
Uninhabited island in the era of modernity

Now the island of Mamula is uninhabited – no one lives there (except for animals and plentiful vegetation). The spirit of the Middle Ages still reigns here. There is also a headquarters tower, loopholes, you can look at the bakery, walk along spiral staircases.

Travel to Mamula Island

The pier, alas, is destroyed, however, curious tourists and travelers still come here with pleasure to go on excursions one day, because the fortress is not closed to visitors. Artists also come here for creative inspiration.
The area is densely covered with ivy and agave. Passing cruise liners necessarily approach the island. Everyone who has ever visited here will be forever fascinated by the rocky shores, stunning beauty of pebble beaches and clear water of incredible blue color.

Fortress island Mamula, Montenegro

A trip here is still worth making because of the annual and world-famous mimosa festival, which takes place during the whole winter month. This is truly an unforgettable sight!
The fortress of Mamula itself is now considered one of the largest fortifications of Austrian origin in the Adriatic. It is remembered for its monumentality, precisely thought-out forms, functionality and well-calculated buildings.

Attractions on the Adriatic – Mamula Island in Montenegro

The state protects it as a cultural monument. There are plans in mind to increase the tourist inflow here by creating a historical museum, a tourist complex or a mini-hotel, but so far this is still in the theoretical plans.

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