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The most beautiful lighthouses in the world

The lighthouse tower, sending out beams of light, dying and born again and again, is a real guiding light for ships that find themselves in the sea at the time of bad weather. For this reason, such structures were built by people for many centuries.

Now there are not many working lighthouses left in the world, but interest in them still does not fade. It is worth getting to know the most famous among them. Unfortunately, not all beautiful lighthouses of antiquity have survived to this day. For example, one of the seven wonders of the world, the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria, can now be admired only in the picture, but there are those that have retained their special charm. Here are the six best ones.

Stabilization City Lighthouse in Iceland
Iceland is known for its futuristic lighthouses that are scattered throughout the coastline of this country. Some of them are currently abandoned, but many still continue to serve. One of the most noteworthy lighthouses is the bright orange Stabnessvity lighthouse, located on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

The most beautiful lighthouses in the world – Stabilization in Iceland

This building is low – only 11.5 meters, but it serves as a real decoration of the cold Icelandic coast, and thanks to its bright color, the lighthouse is visible from afar.

South Stack Lighthouse in Britain
This beautiful snow-white lighthouse was built in 1809. Its height is 28 meters, it is located at an altitude of 60 meters above sea level. Currently, the lighthouse is fully automated and operates without a caretaker. Within the walls of this building there is a museum, access to which is open to all comers. In 1938, the lighthouse was fully electrified; the visibility of the fire was 20 nautical miles.

The most beautiful lighthouses – South Stack in Britain

Every 10 seconds, the top of the tower is illuminated by bright white light, which helps ships navigate the sea. In the case of fog, an audible alarm sounds every 30 seconds. You can hear it at a distance of 2 nautical miles.

Lange Lighthouse in Belgium
One of the most famous local lighthouses, whose height is 65 meters. This building in its history was rebuilt twice, both times after complete destruction during the wars – first the First, and then the Second World War.

The most beautiful lighthouses – Lange in Belgium

The last time the lighthouse was restored in 1948. Since then, he proudly towers on the Belgian coast, sending rays of light towards the ships.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the USA
Some of America’s mystical lighthouses boast a sinister story, including Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina. From the tower of the building, visitors enjoy a view of one of the most tragic places on the coast, which is not without reason called the “Cemetery of the Atlantic”. Over the past five centuries, more than two thousand ships have crashed here – they all crashed on Diamond schools on the shallows of the sea.

The most beautiful lighthouses in the world – Cape Hatteras lighthouse in the USA

The construction of the lighthouse began around 1700, for this the authorities had to buy a small piece of land from a private owner. The deal amounted to only $ 50. In 1870, a new lighthouse was erected on the same site, which functions to this day. To climb to the very top of the tower, visitors must overcome 270 steps. From the top of the lighthouse offers a beautiful view of the Atlantic coast. To enjoy this spectacle, you should go on a long journey.

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