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Cave and Lake Melissani

Melissani Cave is one of the most attractive natural attractions of the picturesque Greek island of Kefalonia, which is certainly worth a visit while traveling on a yacht in Greece.

Lake from the tears of a nymph
This unique underground attraction is located on the eastern edge of the island. Melissani is noteworthy in that with a total length of 100 m, almost a third of its space is occupied by an underground lake, called the same as the cave itself. Such a “highlight” of this Greek attraction allows you to carry out exciting boat trips here.

Greek cave with underground lake Melissani

True, in order to get to the pier, where everyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the underground kingdom of Melissani Cave has colorful sightseeing boats, you have to go overland through the thickets of a small forest. These places are so picturesque that one involuntarily can truly believe in ancient Greek myths, claiming that the kingdom of Pan was located here – a forest deity and part-time patron saint of hunters, and the cave itself served as the abode of beautiful nymphs.

Melissani Cave – a miracle of nature of the island of Kefalonia

It was with this patron of forests and virgin nature that the nymph Melissani fell in love, with whose name the emergence of this amazing cave is associated with an underwater lake. According to ancient Greek myths, the love of the young beauty turned out to be unrequited, and from inseparable feelings the nymph sobbed inconsolably in the cave, until a huge lake formed in her tears, in which Melissani was drowned from grief.

Underground Temple of Nature
The ancient Greeks were so enchanted by the beauty of the cave and Lake Melissani that they firmly believed in its divine origin. Therefore, for a long time the cave served as a sanctuary, was reliably protected from people, and only a select few could get here. The fact that in ancient times cult ceremonies were held here is evidenced by the figures of Pan discovered by the researchers of the cave and a disk with the image of nymphs.

Greek cave caves and lake Melissani with underground lake

Now you can admire these relics in the museum of the city of Argostoli. As for the Melissani cave, for many centuries it was hidden from the eyes of people, and its existence was considered the same myth as all the characters of the ancient Greek pantheon. Only in 1951, this miracle of nature was rediscovered, and a decade later, it was available for all to see.

In fact, a cave with the underground lake Melissani was formed more than 20 thousand years ago. For many centuries, the waters of the Ionian Sea eroded rocks, forming a beautiful underground room with a huge lake. The forces of nature created all the magical charm of this unique place: as a result of the earthquake, two separate grottoes formed, in one of which a “window” appeared at the top.

Melissani Cave

The cave arch collapsed, and the sun’s rays were able to freely penetrate into this underground kingdom, creating in it a unique play of light and shadow. The glare of the sun reflected from the turquoise waters and limestone walls gives this underground hall the charm of a fabulous palace, shimmering with all kinds of rainbow colors.

Cave Lake Melissani

In its beauty, Melissani even surpasses the famous Blue Grottoes of Zakynthos, which are unique in their own way and which, when traveling on a yacht in Greece, along with this cave and the picturesque Navajo beach are definitely worth a visit.

Water walks in the cave
The water in Lake Melissani is incredibly clear, that even at a depth of 14 m a rocky bottom is clearly visible. Involuntarily an illusory impression is created as if a boat is floating above the crystal clear waters of this underground reservoir. Depending on the time of day and the location of the sun, the water in the cave lake Melissani changes its color from light turquoise to greenish, and sometimes even black.

Excursions to both grottoes of the Melissani cave are carried out by boat. It is best to go here on a sunny day, then the effect of turquoise waters shimmering in the sun is especially mesmerizing.

Boat trips on cave lake Melissani

The guides will certainly tell you about the sign that if the lovers simultaneously lower their hands into the lake, their love will certainly be long and happy. Those who are still lonely should wash themselves with water from the tears of the nymph Melissani – as they say, in this case, love will not delay on the horizon. To believe in these tales or not is everyone’s business. But to visit this interesting place in Greece is definitely worth it.

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