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Volcano Taal

Located near the Philippine capital Manila, the active Taal volcano is almost the only among similar natural objects to which you can travel by boat.

Mal yes
In the Philippines – islands of volcanic origin – there are more than four dozen volcanoes, so you can’t surprise holidaymakers here. But Taal is still the most worthy of attention, especially among fans of exciting water walks, because it is located inside the lake, formed in ancient times as a result of the collapse of the caldera of an older and larger volcano.

Taal Volcano in the Philippines

Taal’s uniqueness is also that it is the smallest and at the same time active volcano in the world. But seeing it firsthand, sailing to the caldera on a small traditional boat of Filipinos, it may seem that this is still a true giant, mesmerizing with its greatness.

Taal Volcano – a natural wonder of the Philippines

The area of ​​this natural miracle of the Philippines is 23 square meters, and Taal itself rises above the surroundings of the island of Luzon at 350 m above sea level, like another small island. In addition to the fact that the volcano is surrounded by a lake of volcanic origin, inside its crater there is also a small lake with a diameter of 2 km, in the center of which there is a small island, recognized as the most volcanic.

Calm but not harmless
Despite its small size, the Taal volcano is not so harmless. Starting from the 16th century, over 30 of its eruptions were recorded, and each time it could not do without mass casualties. In 1911, the Taal eruption claimed the lives of more than a thousand people, and during the last recorded manifestation of the activity of the volcano in 1965, at least 200 people were affected.

The smallest active volcano in the world – Taal in the Philippines

Despite this, the area near the Philippine volcano is populated, and people are in no hurry to leave their cities and villages. In addition, the relative calm of the volcano attracts many vacationers who want to take a boat trip to the local attractions, which, with all its illusory calm, cannot be listed as absolutely safe for people.

Active Taal Volcano in the Philippines

The fact that Taal only kept his power down is also reminiscent of this fact. In the dry season, lasting from November to May, the water in the volcano’s inner lake boils, resembling the usual hot springs.

Boating to the vent of the volcano
To the Taal volcano, both traditional boats, where you can book an individual boat trip, and modern boats used for standard sightseeing tours to this unique Philippine attraction go.

Boat trips to Taal volcano

Such a walk is a great opportunity to admire not only the calm, unique small, but still formidable volcano, but also the picturesque landscapes surrounding it and the many snow-white herons that have chosen these places. Ascent to the crater of the volcano during a leisurely trip on foot will take about an hour. If you want to admire Taal in such close proximity, it is best to pack up for an excursion early.

Boat Tours to Taal Volcano

Often such water excursions include a visit to the island of Luzon, where there are many cozy restaurants. You can taste delicious local dishes of fresh fish and enjoy the spectacular views of the Taal volcano itself, which in clear weather is perfectly visible even from Manila, and not just from the nearest islands.

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