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Lake Como in Italy

Water expanses of Italy are primarily associated with Venice and gondolas that cut through the narrow canals of this city on the water. But the picturesque lakes of the country are no less suitable for fascinating water travel and entertainment, and among them Como occupies a special place.

Deep sea glacier lake
Located close to the Swiss border and only 40 km from Milan, Lake Como is a true paradise in Italy for connoisseurs of exciting yachting. The conditions for sailing here are excellent and ideal even for beginners who want to start mastering sailing in this paradise of Italy.

Yachting on Lake Como in Italy

The ancient Romans called this reservoir “Lario”, which means “deepened place”, and this name is fully justified, because the depth of Como is 410 meters, and such parameters are a rare occurrence for most lakes in Europe. Such a deep-sea scale is associated with the glacial past of the valley in which it formed. The fact that glaciers once reigned here is also reminiscent of the impressive landscapes of the Alpine mountains, surrounded by Lake Como like sapphire in an amazing precious cut.

Lake Como – one of Italy’s water attractions

In terms of popularity among tourists, this Italian lake has always held the palm for a long time, and is the third largest among similar reservoirs in Italy. The length of Como is about 50 km, while in width it takes only 4 km. No less impressive is the unique shape of the reservoir – in the form of a staghorn.

Favorite place of aristocrats and directors
Cypress groves and vineyards, thickets of myrtle and laurel, chestnuts, pomegranate and olive trees – such an abundance of diverse vegetation adorns the coast of the lake, which is surrounded by picturesque limestone and granite mountains, sometimes reaching heights of up to 2.4 km. At all times, real estate near Como was in high demand. At the time of the empire of Ancient Rome, residences of influential persons (for example, Villa Virgil) were located here, and during the Renaissance, the genius of Da Vinci drew inspiration from it.

Property on Lake Como is popular among the elite

At the end of the 19th century, the surroundings of Como turned into a real kingdom of aristocratic villas and still hold such a mark. Now on the shore of the lake you can meet stunning in its luxury architectural structures belonging to modern world celebrities. For example, the well-known heartthrob – actor George Clooney bought the far from modest house here, and Madonna and Stallone can also boast real estate in Como. However, here you can admire the many old villas that have seen many events in their lifetime.

Lake Como often becomes a place of filming

It is interesting! The picturesque landscapes of Como have always been reflected in art – painting, photography and cinema. At one of the lake’s villas, Balbianello, an episode of the cult star saga Star Wars was filmed. Also, Como’s landscapes flashed in the film “Casino Royale” and “Ocean’s 12 Friends.”

Holidays on Lake Como
There are more than enough conditions for various entertainments on Lake Como and its environs. On the slopes of the mountains you can practice climbing and mountain trekking skills, as well as carry out exciting horseback riding.

Lake Como is navigable

The lake itself is navigable, so sailing and traveling on small pleasure yachts here are quite popular water activities along with exciting fishing, trout and carp can become trophies on them.

For kiting and windsurfing, the conditions on this Italian lake are also quite suitable, and since the Alps reliably protect from strong winds, these water activities are available even for beginners. This pond is also popular among diving enthusiasts.

Yachting season on Lake Como – from May to October

On a note! The season on Lake Como starts in May and ends in October. During this period, the most favorable weather for water travel and adventure. But only summer is suitable for swimming.

Among the iconic sights of Lake Como, it is worth noting the only island located in the middle of this reservoir – Komachina, on the top of the mountain of which 15 baroque chapels rise, which are one of the symbol of the country and are under the protection of UNESCO. In the lake of the same name, the city is worth visiting ancient cathedrals and castles, as well as the Silk Museum, the exhibits of which will tell the stories of the most popular craft in these parts – weaving.

Lake Como Cruises

On the lake itself, you can carry out a fascinating cruise to coastal towns and villages, and during stops at the quays you should definitely visit the colorful local taverns – “crotti”, which serve specialties from fish caught in the lake (risotto with perch, small dried fish and cornmeal porridge with fried fish).


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