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Komodo Park in Indonesia

Komodo National Park – a corner of unique wildlife, covering part of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia.

The total area of ​​the park is 1733 sq. Km, of which a significant area is occupied by the water area (1214 sq. Km). Most of the park is located on Komodo Island, from where the name of this unique Indonesian reserve came from.

The kingdom of mangroves and coral reefs
The large-scale territory of Komodo Park in Indonesia is characterized by incredibly contrasting natural landscapes. Here, dry savannahs with palm trees intertwine with tropical bamboo forests, which are adjacent to snow-white beaches, surrounded by volcanic rocks, bays and clear waters with numerous coral reefs.

Komodo National Park in Indonesia

The main abode of most wildlife in Komodo Park is mangroves and coral reefs. In the park, 19 species of mangrove trees are common. The roots of these trees go under the water and are a haven for unusual violin crabs, which are named for asymmetrical limbs.

Diving in Komodo Park in Indonesia

The underwater world of Komodo can be called a real garden of large-scale ancient corals that amaze divers with their bright colors and variety. Here, there are about 260 species of coral and 250 species of reef-forming polyps, and therefore the variety of coral reefs in this corner of the world is 5-10 times greater than the notorious reefs of the Caribbean.

Komodo Park – the kingdom of coral, a paradise for divers

Sea grasses between reefs form real underwater meadows, on which, in addition to fish, one can observe an abundance of dugongs – rare mammals of the order of sirens. For exciting diving, these places are just a real paradise!

Diving Safari in Komodo Park, Indonesia

Among the most common inhabitants of the marine open spaces of Komodo Park are dolphins, sharks, sea turtles and snakes. Sometimes near the islands you can see migrating whales. In the water area of ​​Komodo Park there are about 900 species of fish and 70 species of sponges. Such a large-scale diversity is due to the fact that there is access to the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Diving safari is one of the most popular water activities organized in this unique corner of Indonesia.

Komodo dragon
Among the most popular wildlife in Komodo Park are rare species such as bison, wild buffalo and flying foxes. But a special representative of the Komodo fauna is a unique giant lizard that resembles extinct dinosaurs with its external appearance – a Komodo lizard, which reaches almost 3.5 meters in length and weighs at least 150 kg.

Komodo lizard

Locals often call this unique animal a land crocodile. Such a reptile is able to attack deer, wild buffaloes and wild boars, and even cases of attacks on humans have been recorded. A gluttonous reptile can completely swallow an animal. Almost 6 thousand of these huge lizards live on the territory of the park, and it was with the aim of preserving these unique reptiles that the Komodo National Park was formed in 1980, the territory of which a little later also included water with unique flora and fauna.

Traveling through Komodo National Park in Indonesia

The remoteness from civilization, combined with the unique flora and fauna, have made Komodo National Park the most popular natural park in Indonesia among tourists. It is included in the list of objects under the auspices of UNESCO and is recognized as one of the modern 7 wonders of the world. And it is not surprising that trips here are called nothing more than a “trip to the Jurassic Park.”

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