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Yachting in Polynesia

French Polynesia is conveniently located in the Pacific Ocean. Five archipelagos in its southern part unite more than 100 islands of volcanic and coral origin. Tropical climate, thickets of coconut trees, evergreen forests, kilometers of snow-white beaches …

In general, there are all the attributes of a paradise, with a total area of ​​more than four thousand square kilometers. To see all these beauties, capturing as many impressions as possible, allows a proven method – to go to Polynesia on a yacht.

Conditions for yachting
Yachting in French Polynesia is something for which some are ready to cover a distance of half the globe, if only to travel here on a yacht. Excellent conditions for this are created by nature itself. On the thermometer columns you will never see values ​​below + 22 ° C.

Yachting Conditions in French Polynesia

The best time for sailing is summer and autumn. Not so hot, and no storms.

Yachting in winter in the local waters is suitable for extremals who prefer to feel all the “charms” of a typhoon and the elements that are raging.

Yachting Conditions in French Polynesia

Many convenient marinas and cozy bays allow you to find a haven for your sailboat without much difficulty. True, you will have to moor in the daytime so as not to run into reefs. By the way, keep in mind it is darker here early. But it is more plus. After all, such a night sky is no longer anywhere! A myriad of stars scattered with gold across the sky, reflected in the dark waters overboard, create a unique atmosphere!

Most popular destinations
A good yacht charter in French Polynesia is a visit to the most beautiful places – the Tuamotu archipelago, Tahiti, the Marquise Islands, the islands of Bora Bora, Tahaa and Raiatea.

The most picturesque islands are located in Tahiti (you are waiting for the impenetrable jungle and rich flora and fauna).

Sailing on Bora Bora will bring true pleasure, because the local beautiful beaches and outlandish nature can be compared with little.

Top Sailing Destinations in French Polynesia

Tuamotu is a pristine paradise for lovers of peace and solitude.

The Marquise Islands are of volcanic origin. Here are cozy bays and a mountainous landscape.

The islands of Tahaa and Raiatea are 100 miles from Tahiti. Raiatea is the second largest Polynesian island, and Tahaa is very picturesque – it is worth seeing its waterfalls, pineapple and vanilla plantations. You need to be careful not to mess the yacht around the coral reefs surrounding the island. Mostly because of this, sailing in French Polynesia is recommended for experienced sailors.

What to see
Why most tourists come here is pristine nature.

What is attractive yachting in French Polynesia

Tahiti is famous for its waterfalls. There are more than a thousand. Since this is an island of volcanic origin, the local beaches are different. If you are a lover of white sand, then you should go to the beaches in the area of ​​Punaauia and Papara. For those who want to get a new experience – welcome to the black sand beach – Pointe Venus (located on the east coast). Immediately in Tahiti, there is the highest point – Mount Orohena.

You can visit the unique Museum of black pearls in the city of Papeete. French Polynesia makes quite good money by producing and selling artificial black pearls. The mollusk pinctada margaritifera beads of a unique color produces only on oyster farms in Polynesia. And the “pearl thread of Polynesia” is called the Tuamotu archipelago, because it is here that the bulk of all black pearls is produced.

Water Activities in French Polynesia

Bora Bora deserves special attention! In the Teavanui aisle, one can observe dozens of toothy inhabitants of the local waters – sharks, as well as barracudas. Interestingly, the highest point here is the hill of the extinct volcano Otemanu, which is over four million years old.

We also advise you to go to the island of Moorea, where you can see the sacred mountain Mt. Rotui, Cook Bay and the ruins of an ancient temple. All other attractions are either natural in nature (waterfalls, volcanoes, jungle), or are located below sea level. To see the true “treasury” of French Polynesia, go diving. Here he is considered the best in the world!

Beyond Yachting: Sea Fun
Yachting in Polynesia, as it became clear, it is almost equal to “diving”. Of course, it is difficult to stay on deck if, looking overboard, through the thickness of transparent water you see just an unreal underwater world. The strip of coral reefs that surrounds the islands of French Polynesia with a wide ribbon opens up the richest variety of the underwater kingdom.

Diving in French Polynesia

The best place for snorkeling is Tahaa Island.

And everything is possible in Tahiti! Tourists here seemed to flounder around the clock around the clock: diving, surfing, windsurfing, catamaran cruises, sea fishing, water skiing. Water entertainment here is the basis of outdoor activities.

Yachting in French Polynesia

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