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Houseboats in Amsterdam

The canals of Amsterdam have long become an integral part of its urban landscape. They, like roads, encircle the city with a dense network, creating an indescribable atmosphere.

While traveling in Amsterdam, you involuntarily notice floating houses moored along the banks of these canals, which are not unusual for locals.

Houseboats in Amsterdam

Some of them are old converted barges, others are special platforms towed by boats. The interior space of the houses is furnished in the same way as ordinary housing: kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. On the upper deck there may be some semblance of a garden or terrace.

A bit of history
Unlike canals, the idea of ​​floating houses arose not so long ago. After the Second World War, the inhabitants of Amsterdam suffered from a lack of housing, so some of them did not come up with anything better than to move from land to water. In those days, such an alternative option of living did not require large cash investments, in addition, you could easily change your “address”.

The history of the emergence of floating houses in Amsterdam

Gradually, the Dutch fell in love with houses on the water, and they began to flood the banks of the canals with them. Now owning “floating real estate” is very prestigious, because its value is not inferior to the prices of decent apartments. According to statistics, about 2.5 thousand ship houses, in which more than 5 thousand people live, are registered in Amsterdam.

What to see
The most interesting places in Amsterdam are best viewed from the water. For these purposes, excursions on pleasure boats are perfect. Usually they stand in the center of the city and depart as the group is equipped. Such water activities are not very expensive, the duration of the walk is about an hour.

Houseboats and hotels in Amsterdam

It is worth saying that houseboats inspired Dutch architects to create real neighborhoods on the water. A striking example of this is the IJburg district, a stunning combination of old traditions and modern technology.

Amsterdam houseboats interior

By its appearance, “IJburg” resembles a children’s designer, where any house can be expanded by docking an additional module with a pontoon. The houses are assembled at the shipyard and are already ready to be towed to the parking lot.

Hotels on the water
The houseboats and hotels of Amsterdam are unique to Europe. However, tourists are given the opportunity to better know the life of the Dutch and live surrounded by water in the very center of the European capital.

Floating Hotels in Amsterdam

An example is the Hercules Seghers Hotel on the Raamgracht Canal. It is a vintage barge that can accommodate up to four people. It has everything you need for a comfortable pastime, including a relaxation area with panoramic glazing. Other interesting hotels include: “Rose” on the Amstel River, “Saturnus” in the Udsans Canal, or the existing sailing ship “Manta”.

Houseboats and hotels – Amsterdam’s unique water attraction along with its canals

The Netherlands is a beautiful original country with its own unique features and architectural appearance. Amsterdam is no exception, you will not confuse it with any other city in the world. It blows with the spirit of romance, freedom and permissiveness. Traveling to the “Venice of the North”, without a doubt, will leave behind only the most vivid memories.

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