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Fjords of Norway

Norway is an amazing northern country, even the name of which blows cold. Despite the harsh climate, many tourists prefer this magical land to hot tropical resorts.

And this is no accident, because only in Norway you can see the famous fjords, which are a real calling card of this state.

“Business card” of Norway
From the Norwegian language, this word translates as “bay”. The fjords crashes into the mainland, forming giant mountain corridors along which the bright blue cold expanse of water flows. The huge natural mirror reflects the severe sheer cliffs, overthrowing the icy streams of water, shimmering with bright splashes under the harsh northern sun.

Popular Fjords of Norway

The banks of the fjords are covered with lush greenery; neat houses of Norwegian villages are often found. It seems that time in these parts stopped many centuries ago, and courageous Vikings still hunt in thickets of forests. Just to admire this magnificent beauty, it is worth going to Norway.

Picturesque fjords – the country’s natural wealth
Fjords are nothing more than tectonic formations that arose about 12 thousand years ago, the cause of which was the movement of glaciers. If you look at the map of Norway, you can see that the country’s coast is almost rugged by fjords. The largest of them are located in the southwest – it is here that the majority of tourists and lovers of northern exotic come together.

Norway has two of the world’s largest fjords.

Two of the three largest fjords on the planet are located in Norway – Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. The Nerufjord and Geirangerfjord are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and according to the National Geographic magazine, these tectonic formations are recognized as one of the most popular attractions on the planet.

Traveling the Fjords of Norway

Everyone who wants to visit these harsh places begins their journey in the city of Bergen, called the “Gateway to the Kingdom of the Fjords”. Here everyone can choose an interesting route for themselves and hit the road accompanied by an experienced guide. The city itself is also interesting, which is famous for its many fish restaurants and beautiful architecture.

Norway’s most recognizable and popular fjords
Geirangerfjord is considered to be the most beautiful fjord, having a length of 15 km and spreading in the north-west of the country. It is surrounded by high cliffs with numerous waterfalls, among which there are such famous ones as “Groom”, “Seven Sisters”, “Bridal Veil”.

Norway’s most beautiful fjord – Geirangerfjord and its waterfalls

To admire this natural miracle, it is recommended to climb one of the observation platforms, which are specially equipped for curious tourists. A beautiful view opens from the Trollstigen observation deck, located above the so-called “Troll Road”. True, in order to get to it, you will have to overcome the difficult mountain serpentines that lie over the abyss. However, the magnificent view that opens to the eyes from this site is worth such sacrifices.

Sognefjord – the second largest fjord of the planet

Sognefjord is the second largest fjord of the planet and the largest Norwegian fjord, the total length of which is more than 200 km and a depth of 1.3 thousand meters. It is located on the western coast of the country, and its sleeves surrounded by steep high rocks, the height of which reaches 1.7 thousand meters, brought particular popularity to this tectonic formation.

Fjords of Norway – Sognefjord

The main attractions of this fjord include the Stegastein observation deck and the winding Aurlandswegen mountain road. But the main local bait for tourists is a picturesque railway route, which has no equal in beauty in Europe.

The Flåm Railway stretches for 20 km along the steepest slope in the world, so breathtaking views are opened from the train windows. And in the vicinity of this grandiose fjord is the largest European glacier – Justedalsbreen, whose area is almost 490 square meters.

Fjords of Norway – Hardangerfjord

Of no less interest is the Hardangerfjord in the west of the country, the third longest in the world. Its length is 179 km, its depth is 800 m. Its main attraction can be called Voringfossen – the famous waterfall, whose height is 182 m.

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