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Yachting in Portugal

Since ancient times, Portugal has been a country of maritime pioneers and navigators. After several centuries, the popularity of this country among lovers of active marine recreation is only growing.

It is not surprising that yachting off the coast of Portugal is considered one of the best – infinitely beautiful coastlines, the most beautiful beaches of the world, amazing modern infrastructure and unique architecture, facing towards the sea, obligate this.

Vacation on a yacht? Ayda to Portugal!
One of the most common ways to relax in Portugal is considered to be a trip on a yacht along its shores. Yachting enthusiasts from around the world gather here. This is one of the few European countries with a wonderful climate, a lot of picturesque bays and beaches, as well as convenient ports and marinas.

Features of yachting in Portugal

An important feature of yachting in Portugal is its year-round – there is no need to wait for some favorable seasonal period, as in some other countries. In summer, the ocean is warm, quiet and calm, in winter and autumn it is slightly exciting and cool: choose what is more to your liking, and no more restrictions!

Conditions for yachting in Portugal

The entire Portuguese coast equally creates excellent conditions for yachting, so the variety of routes is simply amazing. Which way you wouldn’t have to sail – everywhere you will receive delight and surprise from the natural beauties, sea open spaces and the comfort of servicing yachts if necessary.

Yachting in Portugal – things to consider for sailors

In addition to everything, it is here that the largest number of yacht schools and yacht clubs are accumulated with the possibility of training in this sport, where constant sea practice contributes to the rapid acquisition of the necessary skills.

Where to get a yacht
Going out on the waves into the open Atlantic Ocean is the dream of many people. In Portugal, this dream is quite feasible thanks to the numerous and convenient yacht charter.

The conditions for renting a yacht are very diverse, which allows you to not limit yourself to anything. Any size and external beauty, convenience and luxury on board, escort by a team or a single exit to the ocean, yachts for any period of time (from several hours to several days), pre-proposed routes to choose from, preliminary training and instruction – all this becomes available when yacht charter in Portugal.

Marinas of portugal

Yachts are in marinas around the clock, which allows not only to pre-book a swimming facility, but also to exit into the ocean completely spontaneously.

Sailing routes in Portugal: where and what to see
For travel in Portugal, two main branches are distinguished – western and southern. Western ports are most often located in river mouths with canals (for example, the waterway to Lisbon – the capital of Portugal – lies along the Tagus River, which flows from the very center of the city).

The Guadiana River runs on the border with Spain, and the length of the site for possible navigation is approximately 20 miles. The shores are impossible picturesque, so boaters love this area very much.

Top Sailing Destinations in Portugal

The southern branch is known for its many convenient approaches to the ports, which are spread along the picturesque coasts. It’s good to travel here, as it’s the place where a lot of yacht repair and maintenance centers are located.

In Portugal, there are three of the most commonly used sailing routes:

1. The Atlantic coast is noteworthy. Portugal itself “breathes” this route. A great way to get to know the beautiful nature, lifestyle of local people and the Atlantic Ocean.

Popular sailing routes in Portugal

2. The southern coast of Portugal – these are beaches of unique beauty, breathtaking landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere in everything. The route itself is conditionally divided into two – eastern and western parts. Nature lovers like to visit the eastern part because of its beauty, silence and tranquility. The western part is suitable for tourists who love outdoor activities. There are lots of cafes, night clubs, shops and other civilized goods.

Yachting in the vicinity of Lisbon is popular

3. A measured yacht cruise in the vicinity of Lisbon is a great opportunity to get to know the Portuguese capital and see its interesting places. Cities from the sea are always perceived differently than from the walks.

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