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Yachting in Mauritius

The small island of Mauritius is a tourist pearl hidden in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Big Island is the heart of two archipelagos: Maskarensky and Kagados-Karakhosky.

The local nature boasts exquisite beauty and grace, and the charm of the underwater world is simply impossible to describe. Tourists, fans of visiting weddings, couples celebrating holidays in a beautiful atmosphere, people who love splashing in clear water and preferring good water activities constantly flock to Mauritius.

Dissecting the waters of the Indian Ocean

Surrounded by ocean waters, the island of Mauritius has an active holiday in the water and sports associated with water. The best option to relax, get a lot of positive emotions, memories, and fill the memory card to the brim with your camera is to rent a yacht and take a trip along the island coast.

Conditions for yachting in Mauritius

The main concentration of tourists is observed in coastal resorts and in the island water area. The internal space is not in demand, so there is no developed infrastructure. Simply put, everyone wants to relax closer to water and water activities.
Therefore, in Mauritius, snorkeling, diving, surfing and yachting are so well developed. In this case, a yacht is not a luxury, but a convenient addition to relaxation. And not only for lovers of sailing, divers, fishermen and snorkelers will appreciate the opportunity to freely get to the best places in the archipelago.

Yachting and other water activities in Mauritius

The tourism business is the main destination on the island, so there will be no problem choosing a ship. The companies offer to charter modern comfortable yachts with a crew from sailors to coca, or rent a more modest sailing boat.
You can enjoy yachting year-round, but given the fact that in the winter and in March storms and cyclones often occur in this region. Mauritius is quite far from the main zone of storms, however, bad weather can last a whole week, preventing the yacht from going to sea.

Features of yachting in Mauritius

Beautiful weather just attracts and calls to go into the ocean. A large number of romantic lagoons and reefs make it easy for non-professionals to sail on a yacht, without fear of strong winds and high waves. In good weather, you can safely sail and go for a walk to the neighboring islands.
The main concentration of yachts is observed in the capital’s port. Here you can find a beauty for every taste and color, chartering it at a reasonable price. The rental price depends on the class and comfort of the vessel, on payment for the services of the captain and crew.

Yacht Charter in Mauritius

The expenses planned when renting a yacht in Mauritius should include expenses for fuel, and it is very expensive here, the cost of spending the night in marinas (in a bay or at sea can be spent free of charge) and for visiting restaurants if the yacht is not equipped with a galley.
To go on a trip on their own, you must show at the conclusion of the contract the rights of an international standard for driving a sailing or motor vessel. Traveling around the island, you can moor in marinas located in Port Louis and in Mayburg; another large marina hosting yachts is located in Grand Bay. The price for mooring is from ten to forty euros per night, the cost of parking depends on the size of the yacht.

Boat trip in Mauritius

The yacht can be rented with a captain who will show the water area of ​​Mauritius, tell you where it is better to go for a walk or where to go fishing. Captain’s services will cost from one hundred to one hundred and fifty euros per day.
Boat trips

In addition to exploring the many lagoons of the main island, you can explore the surrounding islands. On the archipelagos there are quite interesting places accessible only from the water, but if there is a yacht, it is not difficult to get to them.

Yacht Tours in Mauritius

A yacht trip to the rocky island of Rodriguez will allow you to freely explore all its secluded lagoons, featuring incredibly beautiful landscapes and clear water. And, having landed on the shore, you can swim on deserted beaches and carefully examine the untouched nature. And no other tourists nearby.
Going on a yacht in the ocean waters, you can go diving in the most beautiful and attractive places. For example, go to the coral reefs to see for yourself exotic fish, barracudas and other inhabitants of the Indian Ocean.

Sea voyages in Mauritius

By the way, the reefs surrounding the island of Mauritius are considered the third longest on the entire planet. So there is something to see. But for the most beautiful coral gardens you will have to go to Tamarin Bay.
For more confident yacht captains, romantic night walks to the reefs are offered. If you go on a yacht in the western part of the island to the Albion Reef, grabbing equipment for diving and snorkeling, you can see the local nocturnal inhabitants – lobsters.


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