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Githorn in Holland

On the planet there are a considerable number of places that delight, capture, amaze … But, there are places so fabulous and cozy that I do not want to part with them. I just want to live and admire their amazing harmony of nature and the vitality of the locals.

“Dutch Venice”

Meet this Githorn, the Netherlands. Amazing land of true gourmets of a calm and balanced life. Getting here, any tourist forgets about the passage of time, and the water channels that replace roads in the village create the illusion of a completely different dimension.

Dutch Venice – Githorn City

“Dutch Venice” is the second and fully justified name of the village of Githorn, which is located in the Dutch province of Overijssel, 5 km from Steenwijk. Only instead of the Venetian gondolas, the local canals are filled with boats and inflatable boats. And magnificent Italian palaces replace magnificent graceful houses with a reed roof.
Each house is similar to the residence of a fairy-tale character – perfectly ennobled and drowning in the lush greenery of gardens and fragrant flowers. Some manor houses have bridges that are equipped with small gates in front of the entrance.

Githorn City, Netherlands

As for the rules of the road, it is not surprising, but there are corresponding signs, intersections, and even traffic lights. This avoids the hassle of traveling through narrow channels.
A bit of history

The history of the unusual settlement originates in the 13th century, when this area served as a source of peat extraction. In order to facilitate the transportation of minerals, inventive workers decided to use channels filled with water, which connected with each other over time.

History of Githorn in Holland

After some time, neat houses began to appear on the banks of artificial rivers, and over time, the population of the village of Githorn reached 2600 people. It is interesting that the appearance of modern dwellings is not much different from the old houses of the XVIII century. This gives the colorful village a special charm, and the most wonderful memories remain from traveling to these parts.
Popular Attractions

In addition to contemplating the magnificent surroundings of the village, which themselves are a natural attraction, there are other interesting places in Githorn. For example, “Het Olde Maat Uus” is a museum house that stores the centennial history of the emergence of Githorn village houses.

Interesting places Githorn

An equally interesting place is the De Oude Aarde Museum, where you can admire the beautiful exhibits of precious stones and metals. There is also a souvenir shop where you should definitely buy something in memory of this unique land.
By renting a boat, you can spend hours on the flight to enjoy the picturesque surroundings and watch the birds that hunt for animals in the canals. This is all due to the ecologically clean nature of the village, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

Sights of Githorn

The care of local residents about their region is striking – in order to avoid pollution of clean air, even boats here are equipped with electric motors.
And the Dutch favorite transport for traveling on the only road is a bicycle. Incredible and conscious people who just love the place where they live!

Travel to the city of Githorn in Holland

Having traveled to this amazing ancient land, there is a risk of picking up a large dose of serenity and peace, which reigns everywhere. And the benevolence and hospitality of the locals will make you think well – but maybe one of these cozy houses under the reed roof can look after yourself ?!

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