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TOP 5 best beaches in Portugal (part 1)

The long coast of Portugal every year attracts fans to soak up the rays of the southern sun, swim in the azure waters or engage in water sports. Of course, there are many different beaches in this country, but some of them are very popular among tourists.

Falesia beach

The blue sky, orange cliffs and the vast expanses of the ocean – all this awaits tourists who have chosen to relax on one of the most popular Portuguese beaches Falesia Beach. This place is beautiful at all times of the year.

Best beaches in Portugal – Falesia Beach

If you climb the rocks, then stunning ocean landscapes open before your eyes. And romantics are attracted by walks near the water and rocks, evening promenades in order to enjoy the phantasmagoric sunsets.
Infrastructure consists of rental sunbeds and umbrellas. There are a couple of cafes on the multi-kilometer beach. If you do not want to go down to the beach on foot or need to climb the paths leading to the cliffs, you can use the elevator.

Popular Portuguese Beaches – Falesia Beach

The advantages of Falesia Beach include cleanliness, beauty of the area and convenient entry into the water. Tourists who have been there note the spaciousness of the beach, there is a place for sunbathing and beach games. The cons include very hot sand, it is better to move on it in shoes, and sufficient distance from public transport stops.
Praia do guincho

This beach cannot be included in the list of traditional places for swimming and sunbathing. They say that catching calm weather is the same as winning the lottery. However, there are some very interesting places that attract tourists and athletes.

Best beaches in Portugal – Praia do Guincho

Yes, this is a place for cinema tourism, the beach served as a film set for a James Bond movie. It was here that starring George Lazenby saved Theresa di Vicenzo (played by Diana Rigg). Fans of “Bond” say that the beach now looks exactly like in the movie.
Interesting beaches of Portugal – Praia do Guincho

The beach has long been chosen by fans of surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. There is all the infrastructure for skiing: a school, rental and repair facilities. Near the beach there is a campsite for athletes. At the end of the last century, windsurfing competitions were held here. And now they regularly hold National Surfing and Bodyboarding Championships.
Guincho beach

Guincho beach, near Cape Rock, is not suitable for lovers of splashing in warm water or relaxing on an air mattress. But this place is simply created for lovers of beautiful nature and athletes. All who have visited the beach celebrate its unreal beauty.

Best beaches in Portugal – Guincho Beach

Strong winds and waves make swimming almost impossible, but they attract fans of surfing and kitesurfing. The raging ocean sends one icy wave after another to the beach, challenging the athletes.
There is a surf equipment rental on the beach. Several times a year there are competitions in this type of water sports.

Interesting beaches of Portugal – Guincho Beach

Ordinary people come here for a walk in a beautiful place, the opportunity to watch the water activities of athletes doing extreme sports in ice water for a shot of adrenaline.
You can get to the beach without any problems. There is a parking place nearby, it is quite possible to get here by bicycle. By the way, you can ride along the entire beach on a bicycle path.

Popular Portuguese Beaches – Guincho Beach

Couples in love can date against the backdrop of picturesque nature with a steep disposition. After enjoying the magnificent sight and strolling along the sand dunes, you can go to the Michelin-starred restaurant, bar or cafe. A restaurant and bar are located at the end of the beach, a cafe is located closer to the road.
Of the minuses – the lack of booths for changing clothes. In the event of a severe storm, access to the beach is blocked. To surf, you will have to stock up on a wetsuit.

Praia da nazare

Nazare beach is located near the small town of the same name. This area is suitable for traveling with the whole family. Firstly, the capital is only a couple of hours away. Secondly, there is clean and relatively warm water, plus the infrastructure that allows you to relax with your children. Thirdly, there is a small beach for surf lovers nearby.

Best beaches in Portugal – Praia da Nazare

The beach is clean and well maintained, and nature all the time recalls the grandeur of the ocean element. Near the town itself is a fairly calm cove, but it is worth moving a couple of hundred meters and the zone of strong waves begins. This is where the places for family vacations end and people with surfboards are increasingly found.
Interesting beaches of Portugal – Praia da Nazare

High waves, appreciated by professionals, are due to the direction of the wind and the features of the bottom near Nazare Beach, it is quite deep here. So for a good ride it is better to go here. But if you want complete privacy, it is better to go a little further behind the rock and settle down in a completely deserted part of the beach.

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