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Solomon islands

Solomon Islands – one of the most remote and unspoiled tourism places on the planet. A poor but colorful country, washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, is located in Melanesia.

Of the 992 islands, only the third part of the archipelago is inhabited by a population of about 500 thousand people. Some of the islands are volcanic; the largest of them are Guadalcanal, Choiseul, Santa Isabel, San Cristobal.

Exotic Travels – Solomon Islands

The highest height is Mount Makarakomburu (about 2500 m), which is located on the island of Guadalcanal. Due to the increased seismicity, this area is often subjected to earthquakes.
A bit of history

According to historians, the first settlements on the Solomon Islands appeared about 3 thousand years BC. A little later, the ranks of the first inhabitants joined the Polynesians.

The history of the discovery of the Solomon Islands

The first European visitor to the islands was the Spaniard A. Mendanya de Neira, who called the Solomon Islands. The next expedition belongs to the English navigator F. Carteret, who discovered the Solomon Islands in 1767.
The end of the 19th century was characterized by the transition of the islands to the control of Great Britain, whose inhabitants established fruitful work on growing coconuts here.

Travel to the Solomon Islands

During the Second World War, fierce battles between Japan and the Anti-Hitler coalition lasted on the islands, which ultimately won. Currently, most of the islands of the archipelago are an independent state, and some belong to Papua New Guinea.
Island Attractions

A significant part of interesting places is located on the largest island of the Guadalcanal archipelago. The city of Honiara – the capital of the Solomon Islands, is a fairly young settlement, but has memorable attractions. For example, the National Parliament, the National Library, the Central Bank.

Solomon Islands Attractions

In the Botanical Gardens of the capital, you can enjoy the splendor of orchids and vines. In a small national museum near the bank there are many exhibits depicting the Melanesian culture.
Having traveled around the capital’s surroundings, you can admire the Mataniko waterfalls, whose waters are hidden in a mysterious cave, shrouded in many legends. On one of the highlands of the island is a memorial park dedicated to the history of hostilities.

Attractions Solomon Islands

The island of Florida is notable for the headquarters of the British administration and the base of the Navy – Port Parvis.
In the island of Iron-Bottom Sound, Savo Island is located – an ideal place for lovers of water entertainment. Here you can admire the smoking crater of the volcano, boiling mineral springs, as well as a huge variety of exotic birds.

Holidays in the Solomon Islands

Of particular interest are the traditions of one of the picturesque islands of Malait. Here lives one of the oldest tribes – a group of quayo, which conduct shark worship rituals. According to the natives, these dangerous marine predators are the object of embodiment of the souls of their ancestors.
An incredible sight is the Marovo lagoon with a length of about 150 km, located on the island of New Georgia. Crystal clear water, coral reefs, volcanic rocks, rare species of flora and fauna in combination with local traditions make up the perfect conditions for an unforgettable trip.

Diving in the Solomon Islands

You can admire the colorful dance performances of the natives on the islands of Ovaraha, Ulava, Tri-Sister. Local islanders believe in the existence of the mythical “Pacific Dwarfs” that inhabit the mountainous areas of San Cristobal.
Lake Tengano on Rennel Island is one of the largest freshwater lakes on the planet. Its area is about 15 thousand hectares. Rare species of colorful fish and birds live here. Particularly impressive is the abundance and variety of exotic orchids that frame the shores of the lake.

The best places to stay in the Solomon Islands

Gizo Island is one of the most popular resorts with white beaches and coral reefs. Popular activities include yachting, diving, snorkeling, and sea fishing.
Lovers of ancient customs will be delighted with the ancient shrine of the tribes, as well as enjoying the spectacular dance festival in Mbangopingo.

Things to do in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is a unique place, full of ancient traditions, framed by incredible landscapes, which is complemented by hospitable residents who radiate incredible love of life and impartiality. And remoteness from civilization, impenetrable jungle, dangerous volcanoes and mountain peaks are a great occasion to plunge into unforgettable adventures.

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