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Temple of Pura Oolong Danu

This Indonesian temple does not look like typical Asian religious buildings. In addition to bizarre carved architecture, it has a special aura and a very interesting location.

You can see it by picking up an Indonesian denomination of five hundred rupees, or by going on a tour of the amazing island of Bali.

Eleven meter pagoda

The Pura Temple of Oolong Danu is located far from tourist reservations, so it is better to set aside a full day for the trip. Do not spare time, because in the northern part of the island there are also very interesting places, including little-known among tourists.

Attractions Indonesia – Pura Temple Oolong Danu

The sanctuary was built in 1663 and is dedicated to the goddess of water and harvest, Davy Dan. It is believed that all the buildings were erected by blacksmiths, famous for creating magic daggers. The gunsmiths left these places, driven by the conquerors, and their creation still exists. And history attributes the construction of the temple to King Mengwi.
Some buildings were erected on tiny lake islands, others – scattered along the banks, are available for viewing while walking in a wonderful park. In it you can see ancient sculptures and a Buddhist stupa.

Attractions Bali – Temple of Pura Oolong Danu

Majestic dark pagodas “grow” out of the lake waters and are reflected in them. The central temple looks like an old stone palace, darkened by time. And next to it are carved pagodas with multi-level roofs. Such black roofs made from the leaves of a local sugar palm tree are certainly an odd number.
There may be three, five, seven, nine, or even eleven. The largest number of roofs has an island temple, in which the god Shiva and his wife, the goddess Parvati, are worshiped.

Water Temple Pura Oolong Danu, Indonesia

The walls of the temple, built on the site of an older sanctuary, were built from volcanic rocks. Ancient builders used gray mortar to bond stones. Only in the last century the temple was exposed to several natural disasters, but believers claim that it is protected by the mistress of Lake Devi Danu herself. And indeed, over the centuries the temple has not received significant damage.
Every morning in the temple begins with prayers to the goddess Davy Dan, gifts are brought to her and they are asked for a good harvest. Offerings are burnt, so fragrant clouds constantly swirl over the lake. Despite the remoteness of the temple during the holidays, crowds of believers flock here.

Temple complex Pura Oolong Danu on Lake Bratan

The temple complex is available for tourists daily from 8.30 in the morning until 18.00. You have to pay for the opportunity to visit the ancient temple, but this miracle is worth it. You can also enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, which harmoniously blends with Pura Oolong Danu and exotic Indonesian nature.
Not just for architecture

Going on a trip to Lake Bratan and its famous temple is not only for the sake of a popular attraction, characterized by impressive architecture and beauty. The lake itself and the territories adjacent to the temple are also worthy of the attention of tourists. Near the temple, you can take a photo with the local inhabitants – flying dogs or take a chance to feed the iguana.

Pura Temple Oolong Danu in Bali

Swimming in the lake is an obligatory point of the program, because according to our belief the sacred water of Lake Bratan, blessed by the goddess Davy Danu, grants youth plunged into it and prolongs life. Every resident of Bali once a year should visit the temple and swim in the lake.
Near the temple there is a station offering rental equipment for water recreation. Where is the best place to enjoy the ancient temple buildings and beaches? Of course, from the surface of the water, it means you can rent a catamaran and ride on the water, inspecting local beauties and taking wonderful pictures.

Water Temple Pura Oolong Danu in Bali

For tourists who prefer outdoor activities, local entrepreneurs offer canoeing, water skiing or tickling nerves while parasailing.
Having examined all the temple buildings, taking a walk along the shore of the lake or having tested yourself in water sports, you can switch from spiritual food to something material. Or rather – to have lunch or dinner in a nearby restaurant that offers tourists a menu including dishes that Indonesia is famous for, or more familiar European dishes.

Indonesian Temple of Pura Oolong Danu

After the meal, you can go to a small souvenir market and buy something as a keepsake or as gifts for friends and relatives. There are many farms growing berries and local fruits near the lake, the price is slightly higher than in tourist centers, but the berries are always fresh and tasty.
You can buy wonderful strawberries or local fruit herring. Hospitable farmers invite tourists to explore nearby farms and see with their own eyes how everything is growing. All plants, including coffee, vanilla and cocoa, are grown here using the purest water supplied to farms from Lake Bratan.


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