Island of gozo
Have you ever been to paradise? If not, then welcome to a small quiet island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Friendly locals, sandy beaches, palm trees, pristine nature…

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What to see and where to go
The island capital - Oranjestad will delight with the original combination of colonial and modern architecture, monuments, parks, museums, fashion shops and fish restaurants. Aruba's nightlife is represented by casinos,…

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Mamula Island
On the border between Croatia and Montenegro there is an uninhabited islet, which has long been chosen by tourists. For many years, these two states cannot divide this place, although…

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Kapalay Island

In the turquoise waters of the Sulawesi Sea, between Indonesia and Malaysia, there is one of the best places on the planet for lovers of immersion in the amazing and rich underwater world. This is the resort island of Kapalay.

It is located near the islands of Borneo and Mabul and is only the outline of the island, due to erosion of sand by sea waters. Also, the disappearance of the picturesque island was directly affected by the export of minerals on an industrial scale.

“Kapalai Dive resort”

Despite the lack of land on the so-called island, inventive Malaysians built unusual houses on sandy braids, which are interconnected by bridges and piles and represent the Kapalai Dive resort hotel.

Kapalai Resort Island in Malaysia

Having made a trip to this paradise, you can choose one of 50 wooden chalets with a magnificent view of the azure expanse of the ocean with its marine inhabitants. The resort’s list of services includes a restaurant, salon, table tennis, snooker, gift shop. The rooms are equipped with bath, fan, balcony.
Convenience is that you can immerse yourself in water directly from the pier near the place of residence. The Ligitan Reefs, where the resort for divers is located, allow you to enjoy the incredibly rich variety of marine life living in incredibly clear water near the houses.

Diving on the island of Kapalai in Malaysia

For those who can not imagine their vacation without a sandy beach, you can look at the neighboring island of Mabul, which is famous for its well-equipped promenade.
What to do

Kapalai is one of the most interesting places in Malaysia, which attracts a huge number of tourists who love diving, snorkeling, yachting. Here is a diving club, which has a large selection of equipment for scuba divers, kayakers and just divers.

Holidays on the island of Kapalai in Malaysia

The resort has 20 points for diving, which are located at a shallow depth and allow you to enjoy the underwater beauties of even the most inexperienced divers. Professional instructors will gladly provide the necessary training and help beginners to complete their first dives.
Having plunged into the colorful underwater world of the waters of Kapalaya, you can see such marine inhabitants as octopuses, scorpions, moray eels, stingrays, cuttlefish, and mandarin ducks.

Diving with turtles on the island of Kapalay

Also, leaving the hotel room, you can watch the turtles swimming by, which create an incredible sight and fascinate with their leisurely movements.
When traveling to the Malaysian island of Kapalai, you can enjoy both incredible panoramas of the resort and underwater landscapes that represent an incredible wealth of seafood, from colorful fish to picturesque corals.

Travel to Kapalai Island in Malaysia

There is everything you need to make your vacation a truly unforgettable pastime and leave only the most fascinating and rich memories in your memory!

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