Schooner "Noorderlicht"
Schooner “Noorderlicht” is a vivid example of a reconstructed and modernized historical vessel that has found original application in the modern world. 105-year-old schooner for the romantics of the North…

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What to see and where to go
The island capital - Oranjestad will delight with the original combination of colonial and modern architecture, monuments, parks, museums, fashion shops and fish restaurants. Aruba's nightlife is represented by casinos,…

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Fortress Oreshek
At the source of the Neva River from Ladoga, some 24 km from St. Petersburg is an old military fortress. There truly unites all of Russian history. Founded by the…

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Aruba Island

The island state of Aruba, which is part of the Lesser Antilles, is located near Venezuela. The clean coast, warm sea, noisy parties and entertainment, casinos and affordable shopping have made this island one of the most chic resorts in the world, where wealthy tourists come to relax.

Outdoor activities in Aruba

The best beaches of Aruba, located on the west and south coasts, are ideal for families, snorkelling and diving, giving the opportunity to swim and sunbathe throughout the year, unlike the east coast, which surfers enjoy.

Aruba Island in the Caribbean

Family travelers will have a good time on the quiet beaches of San Nicholas and Rogers Beach. The sandy coast and calm crystal clear water in the area of ​​beaches and resort areas of Palm Beach, Baby Beach, Boca Catalina and Boca Grandi give you the opportunity to do snorkeling.
In addition to lovers of swimming with an underwater mask, the diversity of the underwater world in the Aruba area also attracts divers, offering, diving to a depth of 10-40 m, to admire the Angel Halto coral gardens, reef fish, stingrays, octopuses, sharks, sea turtles and other inhabitants of the Caribbean Sea .

Holidays on the island of Aruba

Good visibility under water allows you to explore the remains of sunken warships located at the bottom – Antilla, Pedernales, which fell into the coastal waters of the aircraft. Experienced divers will be able to see the remains of the Jane C and California wrecks in the 19th century.
Visiting the east coast – the beaches of Andikuri Beach and Hadikurari from June to August, will appeal to those who enjoy surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Constant wind and waves of different heights will satisfy even the most demanding athlete. By the way, this is where the World Windsurfing Championship takes place annually in June.

Yachting and other water activities in Aruba

Yachting while relaxing in Aruba is a great opportunity to visit the cozy bays and admire the island from the sea, bypassing it on a modern comfortable yacht, explore the islands of Renaissance and De Palm located near Aruba.
Ecotourism in Aruba

Aruba is not only water activities, but also a great opportunity to engage in ecotourism, visiting nature parks, reserves, farms. In the Arikok National Park, located on the north coast of the island, tourists can take walking or cycling excursions, get acquainted with the landscape features of the island, see sand dunes, cliffs, caves, exotic plants: divi divi trees, quihi, palm trees and cacti.

Ecotourism on the island of Aruba

Guadiriciri caves located in the park are underground tunnels 30 meters long, fantastically decorated with nature using stalactites and stalagmites and inhabited by bats. There are also historical and cultural objects – rock Arawak petroglyphs, houses of the first settlers, the remains of gold mines.
Just a few kilometers from Orangestad, the capital of the island, there is a bird sanctuary called Bubali. Visiting the territory of the reserve you can see more than 80 species of birds: herons, flamingos, cormorants, skimmers, ducks and others.

Flamingos on Aruba Island

On the west coast of Aruba, not far from the Palm Beach resort, there is a Butterfly Farm, covering an area of ​​9000 sq.m.
Its territory is a tropical garden, in which more than 100 species of butterflies live. Visitors to the farm can not only relax and walk in the garden, but also hold its beautiful inhabitants in their hands.

Aruba beaches

In addition, while staying in Aruba, you can visit a donkey sanctuary, an ostrich farm, a 90-meter tunnel of Love, as well as take an hour cruise on comfortable pleasure submarines, watching tropical fish, sea animals, and coral reefs through the porthole.

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