Blue Lagoon

TOP 5 best beaches in Portugal (part 1)
The long coast of Portugal every year attracts fans to soak up the rays of the southern sun, swim in the azure waters or engage in water sports. Of course,…

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Houseboats in Amsterdam
The canals of Amsterdam have long become an integral part of its urban landscape. They, like roads, encircle the city with a dense network, creating an indescribable atmosphere. While traveling…

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Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands are a unique archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, which is home to many rare species of flora and fauna. The islands, covering an area of ​​7800 sq.…

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The most beautiful lighthouses in the world

The lighthouse tower, sending out beams of light, dying and born again and again, is a real guiding light for ships that find themselves in the sea at the time of bad weather. For this reason, such structures were built by people for many centuries.

Now there are not many working lighthouses left in the world, but interest in them still does not fade. It is worth getting to know the most famous among them. Unfortunately, not all beautiful lighthouses of antiquity have survived to this day. For example, one of the seven wonders of the world, the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria, can now be admired only in the picture, but there are those that have retained their special charm. Here are the six best ones. Continue reading

The best time to travel to the Norwegian fjords

To fully enjoy the grandeur and beauty of the local landscapes, you should go to Norway in summer, autumn or spring. The most favorable time for walks along the picturesque fjords is the summer months, when the air is warm enough, and the rays of the sun are reflected in clear crystal water, dispersing bright glare along formidable rocks.

Best time to visit the fjords of Norway

But in the winter months, this place is no less beautiful. True, it is worth considering the significant cooling and taking along comfortable outerwear that will protect from the weather. An excellent bonus and reward for all inconveniences will be the magical northern lights that illuminate the dark sky of Norway directly above the severe glaciers. Continue reading

Fjords of Norway

Norway is an amazing northern country, even the name of which blows cold. Despite the harsh climate, many tourists prefer this magical land to hot tropical resorts.

And this is no accident, because only in Norway you can see the famous fjords, which are a real calling card of this state.

“Business card” of Norway
From the Norwegian language, this word translates as “bay”. The fjords crashes into the mainland, forming giant mountain corridors along which the bright blue cold expanse of water flows. The huge natural mirror reflects the severe sheer cliffs, overthrowing the icy streams of water, shimmering with bright splashes under the harsh northern sun. Continue reading

Modernity of the sea route connecting the oceans

Cape Horn always created difficulties for navigation, and before the Panama Canal appeared, it was the only accessible transport artery connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Cape Horn and modern shipping

Even in our time, ships avoid circling the dangerous and unpredictable Cape Horn, preferring a calm and safe path, although modern maritime practice and shipbuilding give ships the opportunity to plow the most difficult expanses of water.

Only bulky vessels and tankers, whose size and displacement do not allow the use of alternative routes, go this thorny road. Continue reading

Cape Horn

“Devil’s Mouth”, “Ship Cemetery”, “Old Eater” – that is how Cape Horn was called for centuries by sailors and travelers. It is the southernmost point of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. This is not just a point on the map, but a very unusual and legendary place.

Inscribed in the history of shipping and covered in legends
This place has the most terrible climate. The temperature ranges from -2 to +14, there is no warmer here. The main feature is the almost unchanging weather. Z00 days a year it rains and a strong wind blows. It is in this wind that lies all the insidiousness and inhospinity of Cape Horn. The fact is that this wind constantly makes “round-the-world travels”, flying around the planet, without encountering any obstacles. And then a narrow strait arises in his way. Here the wind rages, passing a limited space. Continue reading

Sable Island
For many centuries, a series of marine disasters in one of the Atlantic regions was a big mystery. The northern part of the Atlantic Ocean is justifiably called the "tomb…


Fortress Oreshek
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Canals and bridges of Amsterdam
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Sailing spots (part 1)
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