Blue Lagoon

Coconut Island
Isla del Coco or Cocos is a tropical island of volcanic origin, geographically owned by Costa Rica and distant from it by almost 600 km. It is one of the…

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The best time to travel to the Norwegian fjords
To fully enjoy the grandeur and beauty of the local landscapes, you should go to Norway in summer, autumn or spring. The most favorable time for walks along the picturesque…

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TOP 5 best beaches in Portugal (part 1)
The long coast of Portugal every year attracts fans to soak up the rays of the southern sun, swim in the azure waters or engage in water sports. Of course,…

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Cathedral Cove Beach

The Cathedral Cave in New Zealand is an amazing Gothic-style work of art, where the architect and designer are the ocean and the wind. Cathedral Cove is an arch-shaped rock reminiscent of a fairytale portal to some fantastic world worth seeing.

New Zealand: Virgin Beauty
Hollywood directors will not make box office films, wherever, agree? “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “The Hobbit”, the series “Xena – the Princess of Warriors” – and this is not the whole list of films whose main filming locations took place in New Zealand. Stunning fabulous landscapes, majestic mountains, glaciers, green plains, picturesque lakes and pristine jungle. Kiwi country is not only a great location for filming movie masterpieces, but also a real ecological soul of the Earth. Continue reading

Komodo Park in Indonesia

Komodo National Park – a corner of unique wildlife, covering part of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia.

The total area of ​​the park is 1733 sq. Km, of which a significant area is occupied by the water area (1214 sq. Km). Most of the park is located on Komodo Island, from where the name of this unique Indonesian reserve came from.

The kingdom of mangroves and coral reefs
The large-scale territory of Komodo Park in Indonesia is characterized by incredibly contrasting natural landscapes. Here, dry savannahs with palm trees intertwine with tropical bamboo forests, which are adjacent to snow-white beaches, surrounded by volcanic rocks, bays and clear waters with numerous coral reefs. Continue reading

Yachting in Polynesia

French Polynesia is conveniently located in the Pacific Ocean. Five archipelagos in its southern part unite more than 100 islands of volcanic and coral origin. Tropical climate, thickets of coconut trees, evergreen forests, kilometers of snow-white beaches …

In general, there are all the attributes of a paradise, with a total area of ​​more than four thousand square kilometers. To see all these beauties, capturing as many impressions as possible, allows a proven method – to go to Polynesia on a yacht.

Conditions for yachting
Yachting in French Polynesia is something for which some are ready to cover a distance of half the globe, if only to travel here on a yacht. Excellent conditions for this are created by nature itself. Continue reading

Houseboats in Amsterdam

The canals of Amsterdam have long become an integral part of its urban landscape. They, like roads, encircle the city with a dense network, creating an indescribable atmosphere.

While traveling in Amsterdam, you involuntarily notice floating houses moored along the banks of these canals, which are not unusual for locals.

Houseboats in Amsterdam

Some of them are old converted barges, others are special platforms towed by boats. The interior space of the houses is furnished in the same way as ordinary housing: kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. On the upper deck there may be some semblance of a garden or terrace. Continue reading

Dondra Lighthouse in Sri Lanka

This lighthouse is located in a wonderful exotic location on Cape Dondra and is one of the highest on the entire coast of southeast Asia. The structure was erected in 1889 by order of William Douglas, an employee of the British Imperial Lighthouse Service. All building material necessary for the construction of this structure was specially delivered from England. The granite slabs from which the walls of the lighthouse were built were brought from the quarries of Scotland.

The most beautiful lighthouses in the world – Dondra Lighthouse in Sri Lanka

The height of the tower is 49 meters, and to climb to the very top, you need to overcome 196 steps. Continue reading

Bloody Waterfall Antarctica
For some reason, it is mistakenly assumed that the world of Antarctica is a solid white silence consisting of snow, ice and hummocks. However, nature does not like monotony, preferring…


Sable Island
For many centuries, a series of marine disasters in one of the Atlantic regions was a big mystery. The northern part of the Atlantic Ocean is justifiably called the "tomb…


Temple of Pura Oolong Danu
This Indonesian temple does not look like typical Asian religious buildings. In addition to bizarre carved architecture, it has a special aura and a very interesting location. You can see…


What to see and where to go
The island capital - Oranjestad will delight with the original combination of colonial and modern architecture, monuments, parks, museums, fashion shops and fish restaurants. Aruba's nightlife is represented by casinos,…