Blue Lagoon

Githorn in Holland
On the planet there are a considerable number of places that delight, capture, amaze ... But, there are places so fabulous and cozy that I do not want to part…

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Temple of Pura Oolong Danu
This Indonesian temple does not look like typical Asian religious buildings. In addition to bizarre carved architecture, it has a special aura and a very interesting location. You can see…

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Cape Horn
"Devil's Mouth", "Ship Cemetery", "Old Eater" - that is how Cape Horn was called for centuries by sailors and travelers. It is the southernmost point of the Tierra del Fuego…

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Navagio Beach in Greece

You can get to some of the most picturesque corners of the planet only by water – on a yacht or boat. Among them is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Navagio.
Impressive unspoilt sandy beach is located in the inaccessible bay of the Greek Zakynthos, part of the Ionian Islands. It received its name, meaning “shipwreck”, from the events that took place here in 1983 and whose echo still serves as one of the most unusual sights of these places. It was here that in an attempt to avoid persecution by the authorities, the smuggling vessel suddenly ran aground. Subsequently, during one of the severe storms, the ship was washed ashore, and so far on Navajo beach you can see its rusted skeleton, reminding that the sea does not forgive mistakes. Continue reading

Lighthouses of Canada

Canada is a huge country located on the North American continent, washed by the waters of three mighty oceans (the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic), which is famous not only for its primitive nature.

On the territory of this state, which has a very long coastline, there are lighthouses of various designs. Some of them were built relatively recently and are still operating, but there are those whose history begins several centuries ago.

Interesting Canada Lighthouses

It is worth considering the TOP-5 structures, to visit at least one of which should be every tourist who has visited Canada. Continue reading

Bay of Islands

To relax somewhere abroad, the dream of many. But only the elite wish not Egypt, Turkey or the EU, but something more exotic. Therefore, tourists and travelers are increasingly choosing a country such as New Zealand as a vacation destination, exploring culture and traditions, and vivid attractions.

There are a lot of wonderful places, but the most unique is the territory of the Gulf of Islands, the name of which it received due to the mass of small islands located in a small area, in a bay similar to the Norwegian fjord. Get to know him better!

Bay of Islands, or a fairy tale almost nearby Continue reading

Yachting in Mauritius

The small island of Mauritius is a tourist pearl hidden in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Big Island is the heart of two archipelagos: Maskarensky and Kagados-Karakhosky.

The local nature boasts exquisite beauty and grace, and the charm of the underwater world is simply impossible to describe. Tourists, fans of visiting weddings, couples celebrating holidays in a beautiful atmosphere, people who love splashing in clear water and preferring good water activities constantly flock to Mauritius.

Dissecting the waters of the Indian Ocean

Surrounded by ocean waters, the island of Mauritius has an active holiday in the water and sports associated with water. Continue reading

Mamula Island

On the border between Croatia and Montenegro there is an uninhabited islet, which has long been chosen by tourists. For many years, these two states cannot divide this place, although it belongs to Montenegro territorially.

Welcome to the fortress island of Mamula – one of the most interesting places with a fascinating history. Once the Austrians were the owners here, and the island bears the name in honor of General Lazarus Mamula.

Mistress or Mamula?

The island is a relatively small piece of land with a diameter of not more than 200 m, located southeast of the city of Igalo (it is possible to get around the whole in no more than 20-25 minutes). It blocks the entrance to the bay, so it was originally of extremely important strategic importance. Continue reading

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