Blue Lagoon

Cathedral Cove Beach
The Cathedral Cave in New Zealand is an amazing Gothic-style work of art, where the architect and designer are the ocean and the wind. Cathedral Cove is an arch-shaped rock…

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Sable Island
For many centuries, a series of marine disasters in one of the Atlantic regions was a big mystery. The northern part of the Atlantic Ocean is justifiably called the "tomb…

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Coconut Island
Isla del Coco or Cocos is a tropical island of volcanic origin, geographically owned by Costa Rica and distant from it by almost 600 km. It is one of the…

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Rest on Baikal in the winter

Winter Baikal gives tourists ski slopes, snowmobile rides and dog sledding, snowkiting and snowboarding. Winter fishing on Lake Baikal gathers fans of ice fishing for the annual March tournament. Baikal ice is another local phenomenon. Its transparency allows the underwater flora to receive sunlight even in winter.

Winter holidays on Baikal

Fantastic forms of ice, created at the whim of nature, amaze the imagination, and a mystery such as hollow “ice hills” 5-6 meters high still has not been explained by scientists. Another oddity is the giant dark rings (5-7 km) on the ice of Lake Baikal. Satellite photos record their formation in different parts of the lake. The exact mechanism for the appearance of mysterious rings was also not found. Continue reading

Lake Baikal

Numerous, sometimes the most unexpected and original legends of Lake Baikal testify to the enormous importance that the lake had in the life of people at all times. And not only in terms of hunting, fishing, or any other human activity.

The sacredness of this place is comparable to the riddles of Stonehenge or the Nazca Plateau. Even the winds here have their names and their legends. The most famous of these places of power are Olkhon and Cape Ryty.

Scientists suggest that the age of Lake Baikal is about 30 million years. The first man’s sites on its shores are 20–25 thousand years old. By human standards, this is only three weeks from the life of an eighty-year-old man. Continue reading

What else to do in Portugal

In addition to yachting, Portugal has other water activities. Here you can go surfing, diving or participate in regattas on yachts. Surfing in Portugal has long been considered one of the best. From October to May, the most “wave” season begins: few people, not hot, and excellent waves for adrenaline pleasure. However, if you are a beginner and you have the first meeting with the ocean, it makes sense to go at the height of the tourist season – from the end of May to October. There are more people, but also fewer waves, which allows us to better learn how to “stand on the waves.”

Popular water activities in Portugal

Portugal is considered to be an amateur diving country rather than a professional one. However, there is also something to surprise diving enthusiasts. Continue reading

Canals and bridges of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the few cities in old Europe that boasts man-made canals and bridges. Their appearance is the result of successful urban planning.

If you look at Amsterdam from a height, you can see that the canals encircle the old part of the city with four concentric half rings. They form about 90 islands interconnected by bridges, the number of which exceeds 1500. Along the canals are the most interesting places in Amsterdam, attracting thousands of tourists here.

A bit of history
The very first channel – Singel, was originally dug in the years 1428-1450 as a defensive urban moat. Gradually, its shores began to be built up, and he ended up inside the city. For a while he was called Koningsgracht, which from the Dutch means the Royal Canal. The singel begins at the city bay and ends at the Amstel River. Continue reading

Yachting in Portugal

Since ancient times, Portugal has been a country of maritime pioneers and navigators. After several centuries, the popularity of this country among lovers of active marine recreation is only growing.

It is not surprising that yachting off the coast of Portugal is considered one of the best – infinitely beautiful coastlines, the most beautiful beaches of the world, amazing modern infrastructure and unique architecture, facing towards the sea, obligate this.

Vacation on a yacht? Ayda to Portugal!
One of the most common ways to relax in Portugal is considered to be a trip on a yacht along its shores. Yachting enthusiasts from around the world gather here. This is one of the few European countries with a wonderful climate, a lot of picturesque bays and beaches, as well as convenient ports and marinas. Continue reading

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